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Members Referred

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Members Referred
1. How do I refer someone to become a member?

2. Where does it show how many members I have referred?

Click the answer tab above to view information about referring members.
Answer 1:
To refer a member (and you get credit for it) the prospect will need to register by clicking a link that you provide them from your User CP. Click your User CP button (located just under the 7173 Banner). In the Your Account Summary Box, copy the "refer a member" text that begins with: http://www.7173mustangs.com/member.php?a...r&referrer= The number after the equal sign is your unique member number. Copy and send that entire http line to the prospective member for them to use when joining.

Answer 2:
The number or members referred shows up in two places. 1. In your User CP Account Summary Box and 2. In your and everyone else's profile page as one of the statistics in the forum info box.

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