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MechEng's Build Thread
Well I purchased the car back in Mid-April at the Pomona Auto Swap Meet. Here's a list so far of all the things I've done:

1973 Build Log
• Rebuilt original 2BBl Carb using Autozone Rebuild Kit
• Attempted to repair original copper radiator
• Purchased aftermarket aluminum radiator
• Installed new lower radiator hose
• Installed new timing cover
• Installed new water pump
• Installed new rotor
• Drilled out existing ignition cylinder
• Installed new ignition cylinder
• Purchased full set of door locks
• Purchased a new trunk lock
• Purchased new battery
• Purchased new battery tray
• Removed existing battery tray, repaired rust damage to body under battery tray
• Installed new battery tray and battery
• Purchased and installed new battery wires and starter wire
• Cleaned up all wiring connections at Voltage regulator
• Corrected ignition wiring
• Removed aftermarket alarm wiring that was poorly installed
• Removed dash and dash pad to gain access to gauge pod
• Removed steering column to service dash and correct wiring
• Fixed brake circuit fire hazard home style wiring
• Removed gauge cluster
• Cleaned all contacts on gauge cluster flex circuit
• Removed headlight switch and cleaned contacts
• Reinstalled headlight switch and gauge cluster
• Added fluid to rear brake reservoir
• Bled front brakes
• Determined valve was blocking pressure to rear brakes
• Removed upper radiator hose and water outlet
• Replaced thermostat
• Replaced oil filter
• Replaced all soft fuel lines, minus the piece right at the fuel tank
• New locking gas cap (only one I could get on short notice)
• New PS Pump spacer, New Alternator Spacer
• New engine bolt kit, replacing fasteners as I remove them

I'll continue to use this thread to keep you guys updated with pictures and progress!

Next steps:
Get the PS Pump installed
Get the steering column back in
Get the rear brakes working again
Put the hood back on it

Drive it like I stole it!

Always up for suggestions on things to do with it too!

[Image: 2013-04-18194211.jpg]
[Image: 2013-05-18184027.jpg]

2013 Ford Focus SE Flex Fuel 5spd - Daily Driver
Great list of accomplishments in a very short time...you have any time to sleep? I think I remember seeing that car at Pomona as I am a regular visitor. Good luck with the rebuild and welcome from So Cal.

Sleep? I think I remember hearing about something called sleep back before I went into college.

Really I've just been quite lucky and things have gone very well. I'm a Mechanical Engineer so I'm able to deal with problems as they come up and have a lot of resources at my disposal.

Were you at the Pomona Swap Meet this last weekend? I spied a few nice 71-73's but didn't check out many of the cars as I was on a parts hunt!

I'll post up some pictures of the car this weekend. I'm hoping to get my engine back together and start working on the interior.

2013 Ford Focus SE Flex Fuel 5spd - Daily Driver
Keep the updates coming
Did some work on the car this weekend, didn't quite get done everything that I wanted, but made some progress all the same.

Pulled the dash out of the car and cleaned up the instrument cluster as best I could. Swapped out all the bulbs for LEDs in an attempt to make it a little brighter.

Swapped out my old PS return line, someone has cut it off of the PS cooler at some point and it was about 2 inches shorter than it needed to be. A new one fixed that right up!

Got my PS pump back in the car with the correct spacer installed (my car had AC but I pulled the compressor as all the lines were pretty well toast) so now my pulley lines up like it's supposed too.

Put the dash back in the car to test everything out, initial signs were good. Then I checked the car at night, only one of my dash illumination lights is working properly, going to have to pull the cluster back out, and take another look at the contacts, I seem to be battling a major corrosion issue.

[Image: 2013-05-26174550-1.jpg]
[Image: 2013-06-09115408.jpg]
[Image: 2013-06-09133347.jpg]

I'm waiting on some parts to come in at the moment. A new fuel line, a new steering column gasket, and a battery tie down kit, hopefully once I get all of those in, my next trip will be to the tire store to get a set of rear tires that don't go flat after a few hours. It's getting there, piece by piece!

2013 Ford Focus SE Flex Fuel 5spd - Daily Driver
TMI. Real nice car, your doing great it seems! Dont need to know about oil filter changes, unless you want to talk FRAM vs Purilator. Because you should ALWAYS buy Purilator because they are the real deal and FRAM is hype marketing junk. Ha ha ha
The updates are appreciated.

It is looking good.
Awesome, Brutha! Keep up the great work and post more pics! thumb


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
Never use fram oil filters! Replace that filter ASAP!
Clearly i was joking with you as i am quite envious of your woodgrain trimmed gauges and original air conditioning dash WITH map light. That is a top model car to restore.
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