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mechanical fuel pump?
I have a Holley mechanical fuel pump that has started to leak. It seems these are proned to leak. What are you guys running that have High HP / 408's etc... Don't want to run a stock pump as they are only rated at 26GPH. I really want a better higher output pump, at least an 80-110 GPH. Any ideas?

[Image: 16kuyc0.jpg]
This is what I am running, but since the car is not on the road cant rate it yet for you. Hope its not the same oneHuh

This is what I'm using. No data on WOT 1/4 mile yet but it seems to work fine so far on 1/8 mile sprints. Another more exotic and expensive (and probably over kill) option is a RobbMC. http://pitstopusa.com/i-5071392-allstar-...4-npt.html Chuck

P.S. Allstar PN is 40263
Man that seems like a lot of fuel. are you sure you need that much? If you don't use it it has nowhere to go but leak due to the pressure. JMHO

[Image: 2rr7aiv.png]

Just cruising along minding our own business when BAM!!! The LAWS show up.
Thanks for the replies! I removed mine yesterday and disassembled mine.I could not find any thing wrong with it so I have reinstalled it . No leak. I have another problem now. While I was under the car I got bit by the "while I am at it bug".I have the top end of the motor pulled down and the front end etc....just to clean and do some valve adjustments, new harmonic balancer install,and tuning. I hope I can get over this bug bite before I loose the rest of the racing,cruising season and spending money I don't have right now. I will get some pictures posted.

[Image: 16kuyc0.jpg]
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