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Maverick's Anyone?
I have helped each of my children own a classic Ford. A 67 Highboy F-250, a 1963 F-100, a 1971 Maverick and a 1967 Ranchero to date.

This 1971 Maverick my second son and I worked on for him. He took it with him when he left a few years ago but I invited him to send it back this past CHRISTmas on my empty trailer so that I could do a few more repairs and updates.

We ended up purchasing a better hood and the top of the car needed a repaint. The interior was typical southern Arizona "toast" so I have stripped it down to bare bones to paint it before installing the new interior.

Anyone have any Maverick parts? Specifically right now I need the rear window seals, a better dash pad, the arm rest and I would like to find a pair of bucket seats. I may see how close my Grandé seats fit.

Anyway - just thought I would ask.

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.jpg   Ezra's Maverick July 2014 #1.jpg (Size: 36.18 KB / Downloads: 92)
.jpg   Ezra's Maverick Firewall 7-22-2014 #1.jpg (Size: 39.26 KB / Downloads: 92)
My mother had one she bought new back in 74' it was a 4 door, I have some pictures of me in the back seat when I was a few months old.
In 78' it was totaled in a head-on accident with a Drunk driver, my mother was on her way to work and she was also pregnant with my sister.

she still looks for them every now and then, it was brown/gold paint, and a brown interior, and it had the hardtop, she said it was loaded with every option.

[Image: 2zem9nk.jpg]
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My new neighbor has a 71 2 door in his driveway. Looks like they plan to start working on it.


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She looks like a old Maverick grabber " or maybe copied one" Paint job is alot like the 73ish grabber model.

It was born as a basic six with three speed on the tree.

When my son and I worked on it several years ago we swapped in a 5.0 EFI and a T-5. An acquaintance added the Grabber look.

This is round two to update and fix a few more things.

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.jpg   Ezra's Maverick - original paint.jpg (Size: 47.23 KB / Downloads: 50)
.jpg   Ezra's Maverick - original paint #2.jpg (Size: 13.08 KB / Downloads: 50)
.jpg   Ezra's Maverick - original engine #1.jpg (Size: 46.67 KB / Downloads: 50)
.jpg   Ezra's Maverick - 5.0 install.jpg (Size: 37.74 KB / Downloads: 51)
I'm no help with the parts but, I do like Mavericks and Comets of that era. I've toyed with the idea of building one with a Boss 347 in it ever since I saw one with a Boss 302 in it many years ago. Good luck with the build. Chuck
Thanks Chuck - and go for the build!

I would love to see the one that you put your effort into! A 347 would make one really run.
My first car was a 73 maverick with a 302 back in 1984, I loved that car and it is the reason I am into Ford's so much to this day. Good luck bringing it back to its prime, should look real nice.

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