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Master cylinder lines ?
Where can I find some master cylinder lines for my 71 ? One of the lines cracked and is leaking.Can't find any around here. ThanksHuh

[Image: 20r9ylt.jpg]
I have gotten all of my line from in line tube. All of them are pre-bent and the fit was great.
Thanks Jim I will look them up..

[Image: 20r9ylt.jpg]
i have bought lines from Shafers classic: http://www.shafersclassic.com

they make lines in mild steel or stainless steel.

mustangs unlimited sells all the lines in mild or stainless, Shafers is mustangunlimited brake line supplier.

NPD and CJ pony sell brake lines as well.

you can also make your own lines if you wish you need a double flair tool and a vice.

Stainless steel lines would be very hard to DYI, you need a special hardened flair tool and it requires more compression so sometimes you need a press or a hydraulic ram to get the tube to flair correctly.

i have all stainless lines on my car from the brake to fuel to venting to transmission i switched everything to stainless. If i had to do it again i would not. Stainless is Very hard to seat in the brake fittings you have to practically tighten down the fittings till the threads strip out to get the lines to stop leaking. Stainless will not give like mild steel so the flair will not spread out when tightened.

mild steel although it rusts over time would take another 30+ years before it needs replacement again.
You may have to buy the whole front brake line kit. I don't think they just sell the mastercly lines. I haven't tried inline tube. Mark

My garage http://www.7173mustangs.com/forum-garage...rxt_uid=40

73 mach 1 351c 4v cc ported, torker2, 750 edelbrock,C6.
73 fastback 351c 2v,performer intake,600 edelbrock,fmx, 325 trac-lok.
The reason I like Inline tube all lines are CNC formed. I got stainless for my trans and had no problem. I will stop at my shop later this evening and get the web site and phone #.
I used coated brake line (green poly-vinyl coated I think???) since that is what the mechanic who was going to certify the car suggested. He felt that for the price difference, the lines would last much longer (probably longer than the car...) On the down side, I believe it only comes in 30 ft rolls and as 72hcode mentioned, you have to use a line bender and a flare tool. It worked okay for me but was a little tougher to use than regular steel lines. I agree with the guys who have used the pre-fab lines, they look neat and clean and will fit nicely. There are some spots on mine that are pretty ugly although I took the originals off and tried to match as close as possible. The other thing is the colour of the poly vinyl coated lines. They kind of stand out as not original.
If you are only doing one of the short lines from the master cylinder to the junction box I'd say use a pre-fab line with the fittings already on from a local parts store. Buy it long enough to bend the double circle into it for flex. In my opinion, when replacing the M.Cyl to Junc.box lines with the heat and oil from the engine I wouldn't think you'd have to worry to much about it corroding again for a long time.
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I bought the lines from Mustangs Unlimited, since they are local to me. IIRC they are from Classic Tube. They fit great, except MU decided that all 71-73 disc cars used the same line set, which is not correct. The master changed in 72 and the line nut is a different size. The set from MU was the 72-73 set, not a 71. I ended up using an adapter which I'm not happy about and will swap that at some point.

IMHO, go direct and get the correct set.

Got mine from Right stuff Brakes[/align]
Thanks !

[Image: 20r9ylt.jpg]
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