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Marti Report - 2011 GT
Just out of curiosity, I wanted to get a Marti report for my 2011 GT and compare it to the numbers/data from my 72 report.  Seems like I have a pretty low numbers car considering there were about 21,000 GT's made in 2011.  As a comparison there were approx. 27,500 Mach 1's, 2100 with my paint code and only 182 with my paint/trim codes.  For my 2011 out of the 21,000 GT's there were only 905 with my paint code (CI - Grabber Blue) and only 292 with my paint/trim codes.

Considering my 2011 is the first Mustang I ever purchased after dreaming of owning one since middle school I probably will keep it in the family forever.

[Image: 2011_Marti.jpg]

Stang Life!

[Image: Stangs.jpg]

Nice. I wish Ford would release the 2014 production numbers so I could order a report for mine.

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On getting the newer info on your Mustang. I have seen several new Mustangs at shows with letters from Ford giving the info. You might try going direct to Ford.

Since you are sort of new to Mustangs here is food for thought.
With the number of options, colors, interiors, engines, transmissions, etc that Ford offered it is possible that every Mustang built from 73 to start was different. They were not but could have been.
I was talking with Marti yesterday about getting the info together to display with My 73 Mach 1 that is going to the MOM, Mustang Owners Museum. He was going to have to change font size to be able to print Marti report because of the number of options. His comment on the car was "Impressive Mustang you have". He cannot say if it has the most options the data is not able to be sorted like say a data base would be. He is still working with the original info so he only sees one car at a time when he retrieves the VIN#.

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