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marti report
is there any other way to find out info on our cars other than marti reports?
Vin decoders are free on the internet. http://iml.jou.ufl.edu/projects/students/blommel/

If you do not have a door plate or a buck tag, then Marti really is your best choice. (they make reproduction door plates and body buck tags, so they are unreliable anyway. Marti is the choice for a concours restoration, but if you have the door plate and the vin, you really can get all the pertinent information for free

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A few but they all cost a little....You can post all your codes and we can pretty much figure it out for ya too a point.....Some things in a marti report thou that you won't be able to get anywere...Where it was sold too..when it was made and such..And few options that won't be able to pick out of the codes on the car......Does your car still have a buck tag under the drives side fender?.And does it have the door codes still in place?..We can decode it too a point...And give you a good idea if its worth getting a marti report.
Years ago I wanted to find out about my 62 C10 so I called GM and they sent me everything you could ever want to know about that truck. But I highly doubt ford would do that today but might be worth a try?
caspianwendell;82781 Wrote:Years ago I wanted to find out about my 62 C10 so I called GM and they sent me everything you could ever want to know about that truck. But I highly doubt ford would do that today but might be worth a try?

Ford does do a cheesy version of the marti report...But they still want 20 bucks for it i believe.
I got my Ford 999 report for free about 2 years ago, looks like they're charging for it now though...

Build sheet if you're lucky enough to find it under the carpet or in the headliner of your car.

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I just want to know what color it was originally and what Color interior was, but I don't have any door plates or tags anywhere. When I bought the car it was redone from the doghouse back body wise, but the hood was white, so I'm wondering if it was originally white.
Lift your carpet sill plate. You'll see the original color under the carpet or any interior trim panel. They painted the entire car inside and out and the after painters don't.

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pull the back seat and carpet floor should have body color over spray

Mark you got me by 1 minute
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