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March 2014 COTM
[attachment=21255][attachment=21091] SCOTTISH "KREAM"

It was a cold, damp, and foggy morning. The kind of fog you can cut with a buttier knife! The kind of damp cold that cuts to your bone. As I opened the overhead door to the garage, I found the fog engulfed itself about the car. The profile of my mustang appeared eerily alive as if to take on a life of its own, eyeing me, portraying itself like the theme, its portrait engraved on the front covers of a book by Stephen King, perhaps, like "Christine", though a spin off for the next generation of her. This mustang; in its transformation to what I dreamed it would appear and operate, like an exoticar, though having so many alterations from what it was in its "do-over", from installing components and parts from other models for comfort, performance, handling, efficiency, and styling w/in the parameters of the 71-73 mustangs of course. All of this resto-modification had developed an organized however still, obsession with me. It has been a 10 year project of which it is time to drive, show, and enjoy. In the trained mustang fanatics eye, like an MCA Judge, would see it to be a confused the same if it took on a humanlike identity, like a kid with his first car, brags about how swell it operates that it seems like it will go by itself. In my case, a regular "Frankenstein" of a resurrection though Franky never turned out this good! If it were a pet; like a pony named, 'Stay', it would become neurotic when calling her ie, "Here, Stay". Thank God that AACA finally has a modified class for cars like this one. Or else the judge would be confused in categorizing it as a stock Mach 1 or Grandé, but instead being a special order convertible. A real conundrum, the same, Fords CEO receiving such plans from its designer, in the days of the 1st generation. In ending of this introduction, its a real multi-personality bulging with goodies yet for the untrained eye still looks like your run of the mill 72 Ford Mustang convertible.

Under the Hood, a highly modified and precision 351 Cleveland w/solid heads...improved oilers... w/9.5:1 Compression ratio-functional but stock Ram Air Kit from another year model w/in the end of its first generation, with a K & N Dome and Base Air Filter sitting on top of a Holley "Avenger" 700 CFM (to 400 hp) Solid Throttle Body Forced Air Injection Multi-Port Electronic Fuel Injection into an Edelbrock 2 Barrel Intake Manifold to the 5.7L engine rated at @ 370 engine hp/280 RWHP/SAE, 289 Torque lbs ft (as for the further minimizing the bending at such a long body, I bolted up a set of heavy duty frame stiffeners), still get you 0-60mph @ 6.0 seconds. To dump all that exhaust from the engine; I have 3" diameter Hooker Headers to an H-pipe thru a pair of Flow Master 40 Series mufflers, and on to a pair of chrome tips that are fitted up to a custom cut rear valance. As with identities in concourse, Grandé and Mach 1 Décor, the interior in driver and passenger function is enforced with an electric power brake, Hurst 4-speed w/Hurst Roll Control to Summits Front and SSBCs Rear Power Disc Brakes. Gear Vendors Overdrive(4th gear @ .71:1) also shares the stick shift with the roll control. On the column is an upgraded signal switch arm with a built in cruise control. It has a Grant 15" Sports (key removable/lockable) Steering Wheel, Original AM/FM Radio(pair of speakers on the doors, one on the top of the dash, pair of speakers at the kick panels, JBL "Marine Speaker @ 85 watts RMS on each side of the rear bench, 400 amplifier, 180 watt subwoofer, and Optimum high vibration battery for the the stereo system and Fox Security System which is concealed in the trunk) As displayed, it has a stock Grandé console w/quartz function clock, Ford Stamped ~ Mach 1 Oil Pressure-Temperature-Voltimeter Guages in middle of the Dash. As for comfort, I installed a 6-way power motor/controls of which is the only part that is not from this era of mustang. The passenger side front seat track is extended to move back for those exceeding 6' in heigth. Additionally, as noted in another pic, there is another safety seat belt in the rear bench. As high performance and superb handling causes most sports and exotic cars to sit low to the ground, w/the power seat, it makes up for feeling like you are sitting on the ground. The like, feeling as if you are in a boat, like the corvettes of this era. The power seat gives superb view over the dash so not to strain while looking over the hood.(no matter how short the driver may be) To maintain stock ground clearance, I switched out the 7 quart Boss oil pan for an extra wide w/windage tray, a 'Canton' 7 quart oil pan. Further giving more oil to the top of the heads, I installed a pair of valve covers w/baffles in them. Not to leave out the upgrade in its safety lights; note, the multi-color LED headlamps and sequential LED tail lights. Ultimately, I installed a red LED bar light just above the rear license plate that appears concealed from sight, glows brightly in unison with the tail lights when brakes are applied. Additionally, LED bar light and tail lights now function in keeping those rubberneckers off my rear end, ie their being in awe to hypnotized when watching the pretty tail lights trigger sequentially in the midst of a turn. Without the signal and brake lights looking too much out of its stock appearance. This resto-mod looks the closest to all the new cars with their bright light effect.

My future project is to install at least one shoulder harness rigged on the drivers seat. When the time comes, re: the three in the rear will be a snap going through the trunk and over the top of the bench. Also, all belts will be on retractable units.
.jpg   state farm 13 009_edited-1.jpg (Size: 374.7 KB / Downloads: 550) For further - stiffening the body from bending, my Monte Carlo bar that I have been sitting on forever, has to be specially modified to fit around the Ram Air Base. Additionally, at the longest term, having a front lower and rear spoiler that is color coded is not forgotten about. If I am lucky enough to install a pneumatics to adjust the rear spoilers angle then later figuring in of what a sensor to the rear tires measuring the difference in weight and one on the front for varying wind speed resistance on high speed cruising would be the ultimate, as up to date on the exotic Porsches offer.

In conclusion,[attachment=21255]', (photo depicts "Mustang and it's Castle"[attachment=21255] re: I can not give enough thanks and recognition to those who are ultimately responsible for the beginning of this project car as well maintaining my incentive to finish its restoration, per se, except to thank my wife and adopted family, the cat clan, AACA, MCA, and this club, which by far is not in last place of recognition[attachment=21255]! As my cats, at times the incentive was to get out of the house because, of their great demands of me and lack of privacy that comes with ending up with a colony of cats in no time at all. As a great "confuser" once said, 'DOGS HAVE OWNERS THOUGH, CATS HAVE STAFF'!
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[Image: 1_12_09_14_11_07_03.png]
I don't see a pic
It has the new stealth paint job... Pretty cool if you ask me!

Ok, just kidding... Let's see the pic dammit!!!!! Smile
the Car looks Great!!!

[Image: 2zem9nk.jpg]
1972 Mustang convertible run_horse  
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Looks great! Your car would look great as miss February!
Are those LED's in the headlight green? That is so cool...great looking car
Nice custom touches, looks great. You got my vote.

Mike AKA Ole Pony & Rare Pony

Our current Mustang garage/driveway
1973 Mustang Convert - Bought in 1974 - Still have it!
2004 Mach 1 Oxford White Auto, Bought Sept 06

[Image: 20180127_082009.jpg]

upload a photo on internet

You got my vote.
You get my vote. It helped that you looked like Willy Nelson in 1 shot Lol

He has all the vices I admire and none of the virtues I despise
Congratulations!!!!!! You have a very nice looking car there!
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