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Magnum 500s
I've got a hole burning in my pocket! I want a set of Magnum 500s, I noticed NPD has the 15X8s for 226 each while Mustangs Unlimited has them for 185 each.

I'm just guessing that both of these stores gets 'em from the same manufacturer. I just want to know if you guys have found them cheaper somewhere else and/or what kind of quality are they? Made in USA??

Take a chance while you still got the choice. -Bon Scott
I bought mine from CJ Pony Parts and paid around $800 for the complete package. This included (2) 15x7 (2) 15x8 wheels, caps, lugs & valve stems. I believe the all come from Vintique Manufacturing.
Thanks, Jay
I bought my 15X8s from Summit... quite a few years ago.

Jeff T.

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Got mine from specialty wheel.They did a custom offset on my rear one for me.

73 mach1
"Wheel Vintiques" makes near all the repro Magnums available today. Pretty good quality, but not perfect. Most all of them are out of round even when new. Put them on a wheel balancer with no tires mounted and give a spin...you will see if they ard "round" or not.
Not the end of the world, as most steel wheels back then were never perfectly round. A good wheel balance alleviates most issues.

I sent my WV Magnums to a wheel refurbishing center and they "trued" them to perfection. Overall, made a big difference.
I learned that when I restored my 79 Z28. The factory steel wheels needed genersl refurbishing and they "trued" them as part of the process. Afterwards the car drove smoother than it ever had. Hands off the wheel at 100+ mph and not even a hint of shake or vibration. I was impressed.

The WV Magnums also have chromed spokes, unlike the brushed/painted finish on the OEM Magnum's spokes. Personally, I think the chrome spokes look better, even if not totally authentic.

And, to properly balance them you must find a place with a lug-centric adaptor to mount the wheels on the balancer. The hole in the center of Magnums is apparently not perfectly centered, so using it to mount on the balancer throws off the balance a bit.

Definitely a real PITA overall...

But.........Magnums rock!
Summit racing usually has the best price
2 makers wheel vintiques and wheel specialties

Dynacorn came out with an one piece alloy version

Ohio Mustang Supply

[Image: oms_sig_banner.jpg]
I got mine from Mustangs Unlimited a few years back, I paid $1200 and only $30 shipping
that was 4 rims, center caps lug nuts and chrome stem valve and chrome valve cap, 4 BFG tires mounted and balanced

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Thanks guys!

I'm gonna go with the Wheel Vintiques from Summit

Take a chance while you still got the choice. -Bon Scott
73mach1;166968 Wrote:Got mine from specialty wheel.They did a custom offset on my rear one for me.

Me too. They even gave me a military discount and I ordered them while I was deployed to Iraq. They still look fabulous.

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I will say that the quality of the chrome plating on the repro Magnums is far superior to the OEM versions. My repro Magnums look fabulous...better even today, 20 years later, than my original factory-supplied Magnums did on the first day.

It would be awesome if someone made a more accurate repro though...with the correct shape to the rim and an accurately placed center hole.
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