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magnum 500 wheel warranty
I know I should call the seller, but how does one and how good is the warranty on wheel/tire packages???  I recently ordered a set and have found out that one of the wheels is "bent".  any ideas" thx

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yeah, call the seller. Are they new from a company, or from a personal sale

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I ordered a set from one of the big vendors and one of the rims had a crack in it. I'm on the second set already and cross my fingers!

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On the subject of wheels. I helped a friend last week. She has a 2016 Camaro and she hit a pot hole and the air pressure increase from hitting the hole blew a hole through the aluminum rim. Did not bend the edge blew hole through middle of the wheel you can put several fingers in. Did not destroy tire either. While searching for a replacement found out it is a very common thing that happens with the low profile tires. Hers were 20". Got a wheel of ebay shipping and all for $121.
My son drove his F-150 off the road and when the left front wheel hit like a 2' drop the wheel exploded into two pieces. Again a 20" aluminum rim. I guess with the low profile tires there is no cushion and the wheels being cast and not forged makes them very weak. Most are made in China also.
So if abusing your wheels I would stick with steel.

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