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Magnum 500 question
Anyone know what these paint daubs mean? I've heard of orange daubs and white daubs but not red and white. Maybe they're not factory marks? Also, what is the value of Magnum 500s? I have 2 14" with tires that I want to get rid of but don't know what to price to ask.

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mcline71, the paint daubs are identification aids for the assembly line workers. Much like the paint stripes and daubs you see on driveshaft's, springs, etc. It gave them a quick reference so they could compare the part being installed to the build sheet specs.
The red/white on your wheel would normally indicate a 14 X 7" Magnum originally released for the 72 Gran Torino. You should be able to see a "D2OA-1007-LA" on the rear flange area on the rim. The all chrome version was used through 1974. After 74 a wheel with a painted rim that used a trim ring was used through 1980. Smaller cars such as Maverick's and Granada's used a 14 X 6" version.
Hard to place a value, as those wheels were production installed in great numbers and are not as hard to find as the original 15 X 7" Magnum is. A good place to check for market value and how many are out there would be E-Bay.


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