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Mach1Club.Com Website Down
I know some members here are also members at the Mach1club.com site so I thought I would pass on info about the site.

I have not been able to log-in since Thursday so I emailed Joe the site owner to determine if the problem was on my end or a problem with the site. He provided the following response:

"My hosting company has lost a couple of their servers, I have no control over it at this point. They are working around the clock to resolve the issue with redundant raid hard drives that have crashed. If you don't know what that is, its serious and all Mach1Club data is at risk along with about 25000 hosted accounts with this domain provider.

I have no ETA when things will be resolved, but it definitely is not your end. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Hopefully the site will be up again soon!

Thanks Barry for OK'ing this post.
I hope everything gets okay on the following days! By the way, thanks for the information!

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I noticed that I havent been able to log on all weekend. Now i know why. Hope they are able to get it up and running again. It would be a shame to lose all that great info.


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No kidding. Good luck getting it back on, Joe!


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It must be serious; it's been down since Thursday. By the way, I'm Rare Pony on that site!

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Thanks for the information.

It has been trouble with the Mustang Club Forum website here in Norway also, the site crashed, but it is up and running now. Other forums have also had some trouble the last few days , maybe they have the same problem in common. Virus?

Still down for me...

Hopefully they come back safe and sound!

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Down for me too thats what brought me here I was having withdraws from lack of mustang talk. I got the same email from Joe too.
Still down this morning! I hope Joe they gets it up and going soon. It would be a real shame to loose all the site info.
Rare Pony, thank you for the information. I too was wondering if it was just me or not. I do hope everything can be restored. As with this site, there was also a ton of good information there.

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