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Mach 1 bucket seats
I just started redoing the bucket seats (Mach 1 Sports interior). The previous owner has some custom stuuf done. I am restoring the original red w/black stripes. I have two questions. The seats now have a chome/aluminum bar in the top half of the seat. Is this original? second question is did the back seats come with a matching stripe to the front bucket seats? Appreciate some feedback on this.

Jimmy T.
There was a chrome / aluminum trim pc in frt seats
Rear seat did not have colored stripes

Ohio Mustang Supply

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It can get really confusing because some people have installed the incorrect interiors over the years.

with a Mach 1 interior the front seats received a metal bar like this
[Image: blueknitvinyl4b.jpg]

the rear seat had no metal

the cloth interiors did have metal on the back seats.
[Image: seatgrande4F2.jpg]
[Image: blackknitvinyl7.jpg]

the standard interior had nothing front or rear.
[Image: greenvinyl1.jpg]

So if you had a mach 1 interior you just had the horizontal bars on the front seats at the head rest/neck area.

these little upholstery accents are not reproduced, so you have to transfer them over to the new seats which can be an issue because from the factory they are designed to be used only once. So you have to get creative in figuring a way to transfer them to the new seat cover.

this is why many non-original mach 1 interiors do not have them. they get thrown away when the original seat covers are removed.

I went through considerable trouble getting a used set for my car, that did not have broken mounting points and came with the original Tin backing plates,

I cut my backing plates with slots to remove them without damaging the bars then made 2 holes in the new seat covers to slide the mounting points in, slid the backing plate back on, and soldered the slots closed on the backing plate.

the other way requires removing stitching from the new seat covers installing the bars then re-stitching the area to close it back up.

the original installation was basically hot riveted into place on the original seal covers.

if your bars mounting points are broken you may be able to tap a small screw into the metal and create a new mounting point.
Thanks, great info. I haven't taken them off yet, so I know what to look for. As usual you get the best answers from experienced people who own & drive these mustangs.

Thanks Again,
Jimmy T.
If you find that you break the pins off the back of the metal trim don't worry. You can epoxy or jb weld little screw in the correct position and use a nut to hold on the backing plate. Worked for me and they haven't come off in 13 years.

[Image: FE177109-A1-C8-4-A6-C-9224-AACCFD66-C3-C9.png]

Rick Bombard
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Thanks for the great info.

Jimmy T.
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