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mach 1 bonnet nasa style ordered piant jobs
Hello All

I have just ordered nasa style bonnet for my convert just wondering what paint jobs people have had any pics.

Thanks Nige
Really the only correct one is the Argent or Flat Black that came from factory. The paint came with the hood locks only and was never a stand alone option. So to be correct you need the hood locks also. I think $18.00 in 1973 for both hood locks and paint as an option. You will also need to change the hood hinge springs to the flat ones since the NASA hood is heavier adding hood locks and the scoops and with Ram Air even more weight.
I am pretty sure we determined last year that all the currently available stencils for taping it off are incorrect that are sold. I did a rub off of mine for a member to get his cut. The radius cuts are wrong and position on hood wrong.
Here is my original Mach 1.
Came back to do an edit. When you get the hood the curve will be wrong and not match the fenders. The correct way to make adjustments is to bend the hood into shape. They do not weld the inner and outer together for this reason. You place on floor with blocks under the corners and a stop block in the center edge. A friend that restores cars actually stands on them to change the bow. Some try to shim the fenders but this is not the right way to correct them. Once you get right you spot weld in a few areas and seal the seam. If you ever saw them at the factory assembly line twisting and bending NOS panels during assembly you would understand. Even today the do some hand tweaking.
Also have your body shop sand all of the black E-coat off the outside of the hood. There is usually rust spots under the primer and will eventually show through after paint. The underside just needs a good scuffing with paper or scotch brite to make the top coats stick.
There is also the pattern for the Boss 351 hoods that is different.

[Image: DSC_2474.jpg]

[Image: DSC_2475.jpg]

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
(05-18-2018, 03:41 PM)Nige Wrote: Hello All

I have just ordered nasa style bonnet for my convert just wondering what paint jobs people have had any pics.

Thanks Nige
Here are a few pics of variations of blackout hood paint. The last is the pattern used on 351 Boss. Some folks prefer the full hood square version over the contoured pattern. Note: the black was painted on the hood after the body color and is, therefore, the blackout paint edge is raised. I have seen others where the blackout was painted on the hood before the body color inverting the edge. This is not how Ford did it. Also, the front edge should be measured from the front of the hood with the molding on the hood, otherwise the blackout does not fully cover the hood scoop contour lines. In my humble opinion, the second picture of the yellow hood has the correct pattern but is a bit too glossy.

Edited: I was typing my post before David posted his response.... I would defer to David's original example.

I painted my car right below with a low gloss clearcoat to help protect the finish from glossing up from accidental waxing and other contaminants.

[Image: DSC_0239x.jpg]

[Image: hoodppg2.jpg]

[Image: KGr_Hq_ZHJEUE_k_QYh_Nl6_BPqbuh6_J9_60_3.jpg]

[Image: f4f2e8000ca96c222a38bf98cbc256ae.jpg]

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