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Mach 1 1973 parts
I have a 1973 Mach 1 that was built in Mexico. I am attempting to restore the mustang but am running into parts problem. I need a clutch fork with  P/N 2602010.  Can anyone tell me where I can find this. I don't want to change to US parts .
I guess since Mexican it would be a 351 windsor with a 4 speed. I think that is what they used there. I do not have Ford parts book handy but maybe one of the guys has one and can cross reference. Ford might have used in other vehicles.
I love the way they painted those cars with the two tone paint and Mach 1 on the quarter panels.
Is it in good shape?

[Image: Mex1.jpg]

[Image: mex2.jpg]

[Image: mex3.jpg]

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jrb104, the 2602010 is not a Ford part or engineering number. More than likely  a aftermarket part number .Good chance of it being replaced sometime in the past 45 years. Some had wear at the pivot point, others were damaged during a clutch or release bearing failure.
Since that is a Mexican built car and was not for export, there are no parts listing for it in the US Ford Parts Catalogs. Mexico had a content law that required a certain percentage of the vehicle build parts be sourced from Mexican suppliers. In 73 I believe it was close to 45%. So locally supplied major items such as engine, transmission, rear axle assembly, tires, etc helped meet that requirement. The remainder of the parts were more than likely supplied by Ford North American operations. The chances of you finding a Mexican parts catalog for your 73 are probably not good.
You need to measure the length of the clutch fork. If they are using the 69 Mustang 351W, it is 10 1/2" long and is marked C8OA-7541-A, part number is C8OZ-7515-A.
Since the engine compartment is larger on the 71-73 Mustangs, the 71/ Mustang application Ford listed in the US catalog  is probably the one on your car. That fork is 12 5/16" and is listed for the 250, 302 and 351C engines, so more than likely would fit your 351W. Part number is C8AZ-7515-B and is marked C8AA-7515-B. 
The Ford part number for the  release bearing is D2OZ-7548-A replaced by E2TZ-7548-A. Your part store should be able to cross those numbers. Make sure you specify a quality bearing since you wouldn't want to do this job twice.


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