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Lucked into some new wheels
I went to look at some rims advertised on craigslist for $100 yesterday and the gentleman had another set with new tires sitting next to the 2012 set that I originally went to look at, I asked what he was doing with those and he said I could have that set for $100, including the new tires. They are 17 inch American Racing rims with Toyo tires installed about 3 months ago, said he didn't like the look on his 65 stang so was selling them too. Needless to say, I bought both sets. Below is a link that summit has for them. Now I have to figure out what size of spacer I need because installed, they slightly rub the upper control arm at the ball joint. I am thinking that even though a 1/2 inch spacer would give me clearance, about 1 1/2 spacer would move them out a little for a better look. Thoughts?


Nice score. I would mock them up with some shims to see what the 1/2 vs 1 vs 1 1/2 looks like and go from there

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I suggest the minimum spacing you can.  It will improve drive ability and reduce suspension wear.

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Spacers and wheel adapters both put more load on the suspension and are not a great solutions for anything more than a cruiser. If you must use 1 or the other, buy a high quality spacer and use the smallest one you can get away with using.

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Great scoop. Always good to hear some good luck happening to fellow members

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Thanks all for your replies, I picked up a bunch of flat washers just now from home depot to do some mocking up this weekend. Once I get them all set up, I will measure the washers to see what size of spacer to add. I was kind of concerned with having to add spacers as I have never used them before but reading so many threads here, I think it will be just fine. It was a very nice score and while I was there, I noticed that he had a 65 Mustang as well that he is thinking about selling soon, hmmmmm the collection may grow some soon.

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