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lowering suspension
OK fellas, I'm scratching my head a little here and in need of opinions/knowledge if yall have been here. I'm changing the struts and shocks on my 95 Tbird. The last time I did this, I went with a lowering kit from Tokico that came with new coil springs in the rear (independent rear suspension) and strut springs for the front as well as the struts and shocks.

Anyway, I ordered Monroe shocks and struts this time using the stock part numbers. I guess I'm thinking that what controls the ride height is the springs? I wouldn't think the 1.5" drop would use a different strut or shock?

The shocks went on fine, but the struts I have are about 3 inches too short. The P/N stamped into the strut seems to match the stock number, but I got a closeout special from Rock Auto that came in a messed up box with a different P/N handwritten on it. I'm thinking that these struts were somehow mismarked. If anything, the stock (non-lowered) struts would seem to be longer than the Tokicos, don't you think?

Anyway, let me know your thoughts/advice. I'm going to check out some parts at the local parts store tomorrow.
If the box was all messed up I would contact rockauto and let them know the problem. Your right in thinking that the stock height struts will be longer.

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Well, I checked the parts places online and they all have the same Monroe P/N listed. The pictures even look like the short strut I have... I don't think the Tokico springs I have will work with this shorter looking strut... more homework required...
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