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Lower body rocker panel molding
I thought I had a pretty good understanding about which cars came with the lower body rocker panel moldings but now I'm not so sure.
I think the Grandes all got them plus wheel opening moldings.

I have seen some very basic plane-jane coupes, sportsroofs and convertibles with that rocker molding and then some that never had them.


Here is a 1971 429 conv with one.

.jpg   429 CJ convertible red.jpg (Size: 70.2 KB / Downloads: 74)

Not to be confused with the Décor Group trim that separated the black or argent paint from the body color for non-striped cars...



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Not sure about the molding but I bet that car was a blast back in the day. Convertible, 429, whats not to love?

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I know this car, there was a recent story about it in a Mustang magazines a while back, I believe. It was located in New jersey or somewhere in this area, as I recall. The owner had it parked at the side of his house for years (20-30 years?) and one individual drove by it regularly and stopped in trying to buy it. No luck, until the owner showed up at his body shop and would up selling it to him. Hopefully was restored...

Interesting on the lower chrome piece though, I will have to take a much closer look at my 429 cj convert project to see if I can possibly find any resemblance of holes for the brackets. The car was painted twice in its life time, but no body work was done, so I should be able to see. As of right now, I say it was never installed on my car based on my observations to date on the tear down. As I have indicated to Ray, my car did not have any of the Convenience or Décor group options, pretty basic car. Cheers.

Mikes73;244127 Wrote:Not sure about the molding but I bet that car was a blast back in the day. Convertible, 429, whats not to love?
That car had the side protection bumpers and the rocker molding. You will only have one hole in the bottom of your car if you had the rocker molding. It will be near the rear wheel.

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