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low oil pressure or bad sensor or something else
My oil pressure has been different lately and I am not sure why. Its used to read 3/4  to high and then drop to mid point when the engine warmed up. Now it reads 3/4 to high  but will drop down to nothing once the car warms up. The sensor is about 4 years old. I did pull the wire off and clean the post. That didn't make a difference. I have a extra sensor so I will change it out next. Car starts and runs fine. oil level on the dip stick is good.   The only work I did to the engine was changed out the valve cover gaskets.


I have a mechanical oil pressure gauge that I use for these situations, along with a variety of fittings, that I have had for many years.

You can get a gauge kit at Harbor Freight:

A mechanical gauge shows minor fluctuations in real time. Useful for spotting worn bearings, especially main bearings, when there's a lot of change from acceleration to deceleration.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
yes put a pressure gage on it to be sure.. but if hot idle and no valve tapping then good chance not the pump but gage or sending unit.
Make sure you pay attention to the fuel gauge and temp gauge when you see the oil pressure fluctuate. If the other gauges move in time, could be a constant voltage regulator issue

[Image: image.jpg]

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