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lost oil pressure
Well it looks bad. I dropped the oil pan and there are bits of bearing material in the bottom of the pan. Also grey metal paste on top of the pump screen and in the bottom of the pan. This car will only be a weekend cruiser, can I get away with dropping the crank and renew bearings and oil pump and screen if the crank is not scored or does to motor need to be pulled and the block flushed.AngryHuhHuhhelp
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Alan L
pull it.

really whats the point if you put in new bearings and the crank is messed up and then the bearing seizes up and spins, and grenades even worse.

the engine needs to go to the machine shop and be checked out, and it that point your going to want to clean it out because if a piece of metal is stuck inside some oil gallery and comes out its going to be a world of hurt. Plus you have no idea how damaged the crank is until you take the caps off and by that point the engine is going to be in pieces anyway.

now if you just want to cruise this car, Drop the engine and get a 302 or 351W crate motor drop it in (make sure your trans will mount up) and get it going for under 3000$
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