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Looking at a '72, would like some opinions
Hey all, my girlfriend is interested in a '72 Mustang Grandé (here's the CL ad). We looked at it this weekend, and I took a few pictures and notes to help determine what would be needed both short-term and long-term. She wants to have this as a regular driver (she works 3 miles from home). Keep in mind that I haven't taken engine vitals yet.


The seller is asking $6,500 for it. I don't think it's worth that much, since we identified more than $1000 in parts that are needed (based on cal-mustang prices):
-Grille, incl. the front mustang emblem (not pictured)
-Driver's door panel (which I guess we'd have to find used, since the delux panel is $400 and isn't sold in green)
-Wiper motor (maybe - wipers went halfway then stopped, as seen in the photo of the windshield)
-Wheels/tires (not a fan of what's on it right now)
-Misc trim pieces
-A/C (he has all the components, and it is an original A/C car, but the compressor, lines, etc. need replaced)
-Heater and controls (this may need to be hooked up correctly - the blower works, but it only stays on the defrost vents no matter the position selected)
-Rear suspension shocks/bushings (It has air shocks in the rear, so I can lower it to get rid of that stinkbug look, though I'd like to replace them eventually).

The engine sounds healthy (he said it has Flowmasters, though I couldn't confirm; and it sounds like a mild cam), and the guy said he rebuilt the C5 (not C4) trans and put a shift kit in - he does car work on the side out of his home shop. The shifter is loose, and doesn't have a lock-out function for reverse/park. I am planning to get a jack under it to check front suspension/steering components, and check engine vitals. I also need to get the VIN and data plate info (stupid me forgot). The paint and body are good (it's very dirty in the pics), and I could find no evidence of rust. Both the chin and rear spoilers are in great shape.

I am fully capable of turning wrenches, and have built engines and transmissions before (though only GM, never Ford). I've also restored old cars. I plan to take the dash apart and try to repaint much of the plastic pieces, rather than replacing them. Overall it seems to be a pretty solid car that just needs some nickel and dime interior pieces to be 'respectable' enough for her to drive. My question is what you Mustang gurus think of the price, as well as anything else I need to look at.
Welcome to the forum. Look at the cowl area they have been known to rust out,Look for rust. the price he is asking a bit high to me.

[Image: 20r9ylt.jpg]
Welcome to the forums! It looks like a nice investment and I love the avocado interior! I'd probably start my offer at $5000.

Good luck! Keep us posted!


[Image: 1gq8uo.png]
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Looks a little high to me but thats what he wants not what he will take.
That's what I was thinking. She's got a couple others in mind, so I told her I'd start at $5k and see what happens. I appreciate the help - let me know if there's anything else I need to be mindful of.
Girlfriend + vintage car = trouble


Besides that, it looks pretty decent, but the pics are small with no detail. From the description, if you get it for $5k, you should be doing okay. Keep in mind that coupes and Grandes of the 71-3 vintage do not a good investment make, unless they are loaded with the best performance drivetrain of the year.

One things for sure - make sure she likes green......

sounds a little high, but nice car you can really sink a lot of money in these babies, good luck and keep is posted.

Going to be a long ride.Cool
If your not in a hurry I'd go on looking, betted deals are always out there, But all of us say do what's right for you.

[Image: 1_30_09_13_10_12_32.png]
Alan L
We've got a couple other cars to look at. In no hurry.
Start even lower...maybe $4k. and get a picture of the "shit kit".

[Image: FE177109-A1-C8-4-A6-C-9224-AACCFD66-C3-C9.png]

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