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longer wheel studs
roadwarrior;260200 Wrote:All of this is known as "project creep" at work, or "While I'm There Syndrome" in the auto hobbyist world.

Updates when they happen.

HaHa....yep...or Better is the enemy of good enough (i.e. meets spec).
when i replaced the rear studs with longer ones the kneril was slighty smaller then what it called for so i has to spot weld the studs to the axel so the would not spin whe removing the lug nuts
(03-25-2016, 04:15 PM)roadwarrior Wrote: OK, the front suspension on my Vert is tired so all of it is getting gone thru. While there, discovered that my front disc brakes can use a service, so that's getting opened up, which means, WTH, gonna try out longer wheel studs. I have one unit of the Dorman #610-277 on order, if it does <mostly> what I need, I'll buy the remaining 9 and finish the front studs with a new and improved longer length. Would like the diam-extended-beyond-lugnut as Midlife suggested, but I also want to get something better than what I currently have.

All of this is known as "project creep" at work, or "While I'm There Syndrome" in the auto hobbyist world.

Updates when they happen.
I am looking for longer studs for my front wheels with original disc brakes. In my search i found this thread!

Did the Dorman studs work!? Any advice? tnks!!

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Hi all,

i'm sorry I never replied to the above query. Life and everything that has to do with it so often gets in the way.

I was never able to find any longer stud that is a press in, one shot deal. All require some sort of machining or handling, and I haven't the time for that.

So I have just put the wheels onto the car, and I'm driving it. It goes to and from work, about 10 miles on a day i drive it, 3-4 weeks out of the year. Not hammering it, so I am (possibly unwisely) not worrying about it. I have checked them from time to time to make sure they are tightened.

When I get thru some other auto projects (I have too damn many of them), i'll revisit this and maybe come up with another solution.

Best regards,
Hi Tom! Dont worry. I did solve the problem by using ARP 100-7707 on my 71 with original front discs. They were 1/2 inch too long so I had to cut them.

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