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Long shot, looking for info on Dad's old car
My brother and I were talking about my Dad's old 73 convertible. He bought the car new, ordered through a dealer in central Texas. The car got sold in around 86/87. It was Medium Copper, Ginger interior, 351 Cleveland 2 barrel, C6 auto, had the mag wheel look hub caps, it was a very late production car, was almost not able to get it. My brothers and I all rode in that car when we were newborns. It is a long shot, but wondering if anyone may know anything about it, if it is still around, etc. My Dad's name was Royce, we lived in the Kingwood area just north of Houston when he sold the car. I think my brother has some old pics of the car at his house we can scan into the computer. If I can get some pics scanned, I will add them to this post.
Post a VIN if you have it. I posted one a couple of months ago looking for a '71 that I wish I had never sold and this awesome forum provided responses about the car within a half an hour. Search on this site for looking for an old friend to see the thread.

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Always looking
Pics would definitely help maybe the person who bought it back then still has it
I'm still searching for one...



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abone..... if that car is in Kingwood "I" would know about it. I live in Kingwood and if its stashed in a garage not being driven..well that's harder to locate.

I go to EVERY car show that comes up in the area, I've never seen it. I will offer this... I will meet you some Saturday for coffee and cars over at Vintage Park. 600 cars there and we can cruise Nifty Fifties car show, about 500 cars there. I'll help you look for it. I don't belong to any "Mustang" clubs here because they have little interest in classics, its all new cars these days. Since Saturday is a ways away... pull up all the mustang clubs and at least ask.

if your dad is still with us ask him if he ever got his haircut at Northpark Barbershop. Wade KNOWS everybody with a classic just about. So start with the Mustang clubs, and I'll see what I can do.

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LOL even my sig line offended somebody!
Found a couple pics that have parts of the car. Still trying to find the vin info for it, hopefully will be able to find that.

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I would be willing to bet that car is still out there somewhere, wish I could help on the search. Do you know anyone in law enforcement? maybe they could do a VIN check for you.

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