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Lock Cylinder Replacements
Sooooo my Mustang has been broken into... They didn't take anything, I guess nobody wants 8tracks lol.   So they punched the lock cylinder on the drivers side.  I was just wondering if there's a reproduction lock cylinder that can be keyed to take the original key. I really don't want to change the other door and ignition if I don't half to.

[Image: 6s3las.jpg]
Any good locksmith can take your new lock cylinder and rekey it. I do my own, just takes a good assortment of tumbler pins. If they didn't destroy your old pins, and they're not worn too bad, they can be reused.

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Like stated you should be able to get it changed to fit.
Also many do not realize that only one side of the key actually hits the lock tumblers. So if you have two mustangs and want to cut down on the number of keys you can cut the key to one car on one side of the blank and use another on opposite side. Put a notch so you know which is which.
Hurd lock made most of Ford's locks I use to make some zinc die cast tooling for them.

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Cjponyparts sells an entire set for like 30 bucks

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Thanks everyone! ?

[Image: 6s3las.jpg]
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