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Location of parking brake light switch
can anyone provide a picture where the parking brake light switch is located on the pedal mount? I have found the light green wire for it. But the switch is missing and I do not see where I can install the new one.

Thanks in advance and best wishes for 2013!

Does your car have that option ?
Is there a " park " light on the dash
Pretty sure the green wire was on all cars but not the rest of the wiring

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I tried several different angles but that switch is buried up there and not visible to the camera. The switch is very simple. A bolt holds it in place and I think the hole for the bolt is already there. I put one on my previous Mach 1 back in 1981 and it was very straightforward.

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Great pictures!

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upload a photo on internet

Thank you for the pictures. Now I can put together some parts of the puzzle. My car had a hole in the lower driver dash, just where the "park" light sits. There were some fragments of a silver platic material in the hole. When takingthe car apart, I could not say what this hole was for. Now I know it.

The switch was missing on my car. At least it was not on the brake pedal carrier. Only the cable was there.

Tomorrow I will inspect the dashboard harness to see if there is a connector for the light. Unfortunately, I closed the hole before repaint of the dash, because I thought someone has bored it to mount an manual choke or so.

When the car was equipped with a park brake light, I will install it again and rebore the light hole.

Was the light a separate option or part of an option group of some kind?

Thanks again.

It was part of the "convenience group" option. Chuck

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Thanks for the options list. Very interesting literature!

I have inspected the dashboard harness. There is no socket for an indicator light on the harness at that place. There aren't either any other items of the convenience option group installed on the car (no trunk or engine compartment light).

So there couldn't have been a "brake" light in the hole I found on the dashboard and the green cable pigtail is there on every car, like assumed earlier...

Maybe, this ia a good idea for a refit. I think a parking brake light is useful on a car.
I just look down, if the pedel is down then the E-Brake is on, if the pedel is out, then the E-Brake is off Smile

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For once I am glad I can search for something and find the exact information and resolution. Great pictures and information! Thank you!Big Grin
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