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Lincoln MARK VIII Fan
I have heard the '93 - 98 Lincoln Mark VIII pass some SERIOUS air and that a lot of folks (across the Manufacturers spectrum) have gone to that particular piece for cooling their modified motors, especially the big block Vette guys.

I understand the fan is an "Amp Hog" and will require upgrade to at least a 100 amp alternator but was wondering if any of you had occasion to experience this particular swap in a 71 - 73 mustang? If so what (if any) were the issues you had?


I bought one for my '69, but it was too thick for the space I have, so I resold it. I am working on a 3G upgrade (installed, but the car doesn't run yet) so the fan I selected (Ford Contour dual fan) should have plenty of juice available. Guess I'm not much help, am I?

[Image: 4zw1hv.png]

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No Dave, any input is GOOD as it might help someone else who has the exact same situation.

Of course, there is more space in the 71 - 73 engine bay than the '69. So, I would think it would depend on what motor you are using.

THANKS for the input!

JP mag just did a writeup on this fan and its amp usage--basically said that was all hogwash--you dont need huge alt. I had one in a M715 Kaiser I had with a SBC. I had large alt for the winch so never thought much of it. You will want to run it thru a relay and not just a switch. Two speeds are nice. One thing I have heard is they like to eat auto controlers or the "ramp up" versions so I ran mine thru switches. One for each speed. I did this for two reasons--one so I could have the choice of speeds depending on how I was driving. Two--If the one relay burned up I could use the other.
Very good points, Tomahawk - - I will keep that in mind as I continue my research into the cooling system for my 545!

Went on line and determine the local Pull-a-Part has two 1994 Lincoln Mark VIII in so will go over there this week and see if both fans are still on them. If so, I will get those puppies.

Thanks again!

Well, I "hesitated" too long and the two original '94 Lincolns have been sent to the "crusher" but another one came in on Monday, so I went over today.

As a result of that visit, I picked up two 1994 fans - - a Lincoln Mark VIII and a 3-wire Taurus. Quite expensive at $14.00 a piece Smile, but I took the plunge!

The Taurus looks to be about 2" smaller than the Mark VIII and I understand it does not pass quite as much air but I am sure that either one will hold up just fine pulling air for the 545 in "Fire" (my '73 Mach I). Both fans come with an integral shroud which mates up well to my heavy duty radiator; I checked the fitment with an old spare.

It will probably be several months before I put everything together as I have to get "Ice" (my '73 Grandé) back from the "Painter" first. i do not want both of them away from home at the same time Sad!

Glad to see I'm not the only one reading Jp Magazine, or wanting to use an electric fan set-up either.


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
i have dual 11 fans now from summit and so far they are working ok but they do stay on for a while to get the temp down to 161 so they can turn off.
cobra3073;2099 Wrote:As a result of that visit, I picked up two 1994 fans - - a Lincoln Mark VIII and a 3-wire Taurus. Quite expensive at $14.00 a piece Smile, but I took the plunge!

I work for a large aftermarket auto parts supplier, and the Lincoln fan assembly is not available new. Rad and condenser are, no fan ass'y.
Makes that Mk. unit a great score!

Last year I did an alternator swap in my 5.0, replacing the stock 2G with a 6G that I had from a 2000 Taurus. It has an integral regulator that needed swapped (there are no less than SIX regulators for that particular application!) for the proper unit. Local alt shop got me out the door for only $25!

Considering the advantages to the 3G/6G swap on any vintage vehicle, I would no longer consider an external regulated unit for any build. The swap is darned near totally invisible on my 5.0, is much safer and reliable. I will never be in want for more power, as the regulator only doles out as much as the battery demands.
Easier to find in stock at your local parts store if it fails while on the road, too.

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