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Lincoln Car Jump
Ole crazy Kenny Powers doing the super jump in a rocket-powered winged Lincoln Continental...What happens to a car in the air at over 200..lol

Well, that was predictable. Undecided

[Image: 1z21rv4.png]


"If I were you...... I´d rather be me."  Tongue

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luxstang;169469 Wrote:Well, that was predictable. Undecided

LOL...Sure was!! Guy had some balls to try that is for sure...lol
I saw that live. Kenny Powers is the guy who designed and BUILT THE RAMP! The originator of the stunt, also the original driver backed out at the last minute in a moment of clarity. He knew it would never work. The stunt was being filmed and sponsored by the TV show "That's Incredible!", and the on-site producers were pressuring him to do the stunt.
When Kenny Powers volunteered to do the stunt for a big fee, he jumped at the deal. Clearly a misguided venture with no chance of success, the actual outcome was expected by anyone who watched it.
Powers suffered major intrrnal trauma that the TV show tried to cover up. That show was later sued by several other "stunt men" who all got seriously hurt doing dangerous stunts for the show.

I drove a '79 Lincoln MK-V for many years...basically the same car as used in the jump. Knowing how one of these tuna-boats handles normally, I always get a kick out of seeing that low-angle video of that huge rocket-powered barge blasting down that ramp.
Anyone with a 3rd grade edu-macation would have predicted the inevitable outcome...what were they thinking?
That must of been a heck of a site to see Kit..lol.....I think the driver who backed out ended up getting killed in another stunt.
Ok, I didn't mean I saw it live in person...just that I saw it live on satellite TV in the early days before they edited the footage.
Kit Sullivan;169569 Wrote:Ok, I didn't mean I saw it live in person...just that I saw it live on satellite TV in the early days before they edited the footage.

Awww cool thou..specially went sat tv was so rare back then..I only had 3 channels back then..lol...I did not see it till i was about 12 years old , A freind ran off with his dads faces of death vhs.. lol...Suprized it was on there sence he survived.
For a moment I thought you meant this Kenny powers Lol
[img][Image: 1q5zdk.jpg][/img]

He has all the vices I admire and none of the virtues I despise
lol That Kenny Powers is a pretty funny dude sometimes Wink
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