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Lights, Wiper Instrument Bezel Refinishing?
I have been working on the instrument bezels, any advise on how to get the chrome plating on these to look new again? I sanded them down with 800 grit and was considering taking some chrome spray paint to them, but that seems kind of cheap.

[Image: ok7jax.jpg]
[Image: 14958h3.jpg]

'72 Mach 1
Spraying them with chrome paint will not look good at all. Take them to your local chrome plating shop.

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I have never used this product but, I've had a few people tell me it works.
http://www.eastwood.com/ew-liquid-chrome...r-kit.html Chuck
I have decided to begin the paint process with the interior of my Mustang.I am using use an enamel chrome modelling paint in an aersol.Turtle wax car wash is also good.It is the best and helps prevent water spotting.
Best bet is to have them re-chromed. You won't be happy with the results otherwise.

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-Chip Foose
If that's how they came out with 800-grit, I would lightly sand them with some 1200 or 1500, then buff to a shine and clear coat them.

If that's how they were before sanding (and all the chrome's gone now), then I would try some of the Eastwood liquid chrome, or do what Scott did and wrap them with some aluminum 'ducting' tape and polish the crap out of it.

Someone else had mentioned maybe repaint all of the chrome trim (if it's all faded and whatnot) with a contrasting interior color (which could look cool), or even maybe some 'aluminum' paint, and clear coat it for a 'machined' look (that's what I did with the plasti-chrome stuff in my '80 Jeep).

Just some thoughts. Post pics of your results though. Wink


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
I like the painted to match interior part thing as well, it's a nice way to tie the interior and exterior together and make everything flow. As long as it's not overdone, it can look really nice, if you do too much it can start to look a bit cheesy. Not a bad idea unless you really dig chrome, or want to keep it as original as possible. Here's a pic of the dash in my '00 daily driver. Either way, post some pics when you're done!
[Image: 47aeeb16.jpg]

[Image: 2011smallsig_zps31c630dc.png]
"It's what you learn after you know it
all that counts."

-Chip Foose
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