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LED Headlights
I put a headlight relay harness in my car, forget what brand, but works great. I even got some Scott Drake halogen lights with the Ford logo on them. They work amazingly well! They are the Only Scott Drake item that I have tried that works good.
I’m not a fan of how the way the led headlights look either. But the led lights on the interior are a huge improvement.

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I actually like the way my LED lights aid to darken the grill arena...until they're lit, obviously.
I'm not a fan of LED headlights, either, most are the wrong color temperature, too high, too much blue.

LED interior lights are good when bought from a reputable supplier, like HiPo or SuperBright, so you can get the correct color temperatures.

I've found that most white LED color temperatures are way too high, they look bright when you look at them, but they do not illuminate well, too much color shift. A lot of white LEDs that are advertised as good for brake and tail lights really don't have enough of the red and yellow spectrum in them to effectively illuminate the lenses. Once again, only buy from reputable suppliers. Most of them on eBay and Amazon are not worth their low costs.

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(01-12-2020, 01:43 PM)Don C Wrote: Most of them on eBay and Amazon are not worth their low costs.

I must have got lucky, because mine have worked great for years now and provide a crisp white, luminous light, far better than my originals.  thumb
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