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LED Dash Lights
@drk1313, Thanks for the kudo's,
One more upgrade if your car has idiot lights and no tach you might like to consider and that is Rocketman's tach conversion. It is an awesome item and looks totally like the real thing, except it has the idiot lights built in. Easy to install, just need a keyed 12V, a good ground and a wire to the coil neg side. 
Here's mine. Note: oil light not connected at distribution block

.[Image: IMG-0649.jpg]

 I learn something new every day!
Interesting.  I'd ordered the Elite II and swapped it all out, but I have no dimming effect - just always on at the right level (with the lights, of course).  There's a good possibility that I forgot to leave the 194 in the proper place (according to the instructions).  But, the position they show to be left as a 194, is also one of those that say, "not used with clock cluster." (I don't have an ALT light, in other words)

Things have cooled off quite a bit here in West Texas, so I'm hoping I'll get a shot at fixing this issue (along with my non-functional speedo cable - that won't stay clipped onto the back of the speedo).

I also have a Rocketman clock/tach conversion (love it) and it works great!


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
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