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Leaf spring replacement bushing questionHi Guy's
Hi all,

Just started cleaning up my leaf springs and had to fight to get the big end bushing out, it looks like the rubber was bonded to the bushing inside the big end of the leaf, my question is if i buy replacement polyurethane bushings do I remove this sleeve?

I didn't want to destroy it before I know what size the new bushings are, thinking that if I remove the remaining thin sleeve then get the new bushings and find out I needed the sleeve.

Any thoughts?

Yes. It will need to be pressed out. If you are looking for a good rear leaf bushing, you may consider to look at www.p-s-t.com rear leaf spring bushings.

PST perfected polyurethane with the introduction of POLYGRAPHITE - a special formula incorporating a low-friction graphite lubricant into the actual bushing material. With POLYGRAPHITE, you get the near-zero deflection performance of polyurethane with a self-lubricating bushing.


Right on checked them out, trying not to order from USA too much lately exchange rate is crap righ now for canada-us. I've removed all the rubber already so I'll cut out the large ring when I get the bushings.
Bought a 12 ton shop press and wammo old bushings out, waiting for the new ones and all the other suspension goodies I ordered.
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