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Leaf Marks
Unfortunately I wasn't able to cover the car due to my schedule in having it moved to the mechanic for the brake issue (I let someone else do it). Well it rained Tuesday and it's Fall and leaves decided to sit on my paint, and dry there leaving pretty little leaf marks on my Ivy Green Paint. My quick detailer won't take it out. This should buff out right?

What products would you recommend to correct and prevent this. I'm especially looking for a good wax because of the winter coming up.
I'd suggest picking up a clay bar kit from your local auto parts store. We use the clay bar on all our cars, with impressive results.

Well the good news is that most of the marks came off with a good wash. The car is now waxed with Meguiar's Gold Class Carnuba Wax.
As for the clay blocks: I was looking at them the other day. My issue is that this car is wearing original factory paint. I don't know anything about if it's two step, Clear coat, enamel, crayon. I know nothing about it and don't feel comfortable putting a clay block on it without those details. If I could get some clarification as to what the clay does (it seems to just work off the top layer of whatever is on the paint, up to and including the paint) and how it will affect my paint I'd love to know.


Maybe this will help
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