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LCA stiffener plates
Dynacorn make the plate for the lower
They had the reinforced control arm - I don't see it at this time though

[Image: 3631JF.jpg]
Part #: 3631JF
(04-27-2019, 01:32 PM)Don C Wrote: Easy to make yourself. If you want to improve your handling and still be able to use stock parts, get a new shaft and bushing kit and ball joint for your upper control arm. If your lower control arm ball joint is good, you can box it, or get a new one. RockAuto has an LCA ball joint, but I think it's about as much as a new lower control arm.

While you're at it, you can also box the uppers, to get performance almost as good as tubulars.

As others have said, there's nothing wrong with the front suspension and steering on our cars. Ford improved the geometry for '71, no longer any need for the UCA lowering or Mustang II front ends. Old, worn out parts are the problem. The rag joint is the most frequent, and overlooked, problem.

thanks for all the info!!
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