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Latest Hagerty ratings for collectability
Since I have Hagerty insurance on my car they send little blurps on email all the time. They track how the auctions and sales are going for the collectable cars so they have a base for setting limits on insurance coverage. It is if I remember correct a 100 point system 100 being the most collectable.
I do not have the numbers for the GT-350 and GT-500 Shelby but they stated they had dropped in their ranking. When I went to the ranking by brand automobile I saw one very interesting item. We all know that the Pantera was sold by Ford and in recent past has been very sought after. According to Hagerty they have dropped a lot. They had a ranking of 26 which puts them the same as a 1968 to 1971 Lincoln Continental MK III. I know which one I would rather have, lol. The fad of having to out do your neighbor or other rich guy has ruined the old car market. In the 60's and 70's just the regular guys had the cars unless it was something like a Dusenburg or very special. Nobody thought anything about a Boss or Shelby back then they were just a car for kids that wanted to go fast. Heck when I went to look at cars in 1973 I looked at Mustang, Cougar and while looking at the Cougar also check out the Pantera since they were sold by Mercury. It was a little over $9,000 but within my reach. I was a journeyman Tool & Die maker. The car for sure did not fit me at 6'5" so I went with the Mach 1 I still have.
So we might see another wave of prices dropping in the auto world as tastes and fads change. Watch for the next knee jerk reaction to take place, lol.

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