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Knock sensor...?
Hi guys, I bought a knock sensor kit.
I like it's simplicity because it has a little sensitivity adjustment for the green, yellow and red led lights.
I tested it on the bench and it works nicely.

Now the hard part.... I have no idea where to install it on my clevo. (standard block/heads).
Any suggestions? What about the efi/ecu guys? What have you done?

Eg, there's a little bolt next to the engine mounts, towards the front? Can I use that?
There's also another little bolt in the front of the block between the 2 fuel pump bolts, it's got an allen key hole in it.
I can see and get to it easy because I've got a block off plate there as I use an electronic fuel pump...
Wondering if I can use either of those?

Cheers for now.

[Image: Image3.png]
I believe they are usually mounted to the side of the block.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
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