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Justin's 1973 Mach 1 "Q" Code
(04-05-2018, 12:55 PM)Jeff73Mach1 Wrote: Not sure where you are in the Southeast. but I just removed a nice clean gas tank from my car to fit a fuel cell.  I won't ship, I can't deliver, but if you are close to Nashville, I will give it away.

Dang dude I may have to take you up on that. Where are you in Nashville. I have family in Murfeesburo.
I'm in Madison, just north of town. From Murfreesboro, without traffic it's about 45 minutes. I can take a picture for you, but it is pretty nice. Only thing I don't like on it is the prior owner clearcoated the bottom side and there are runs in the clear coat that make it look like it is leaking. They can be removed with a good paint stripper, but I just pulled it 2 weeks ago for a fuel cell install. Send me a private message and I'll give you my number if you wish to discuss

BTW-good job on the kid, mine would have a hard time changing a light bulb without a you tube video

[Image: 1_01_07_15_8_53_18.png]

"I love my Hookers!" and "Get some Strange" probably have a different connotation to non automotive enthusiasts!
I like your plan. Keep the posts coming.

- Mike
Welcome from Omaha!
The trunk pan is removed and prepping to reinstall new metal.
[Image: IMG_0809.jpg]
The body shop made some head way on the car recently. They removed and replaced the tail light panel, trunk pan, and passenger quarter panel.
[Image: 022.jpg]

[Image: 023.jpg]

[Image: 027.jpg]

[Image: 021.jpg]

[Image: 028.jpg]
I dropped off the motor to get the rotating assembly balanced, ARP bolts installed in OEM rods, surface the block, finish hone the block, vat and clean, install freeze plugs and cam bearings.

[Image: 043.jpg]

[Image: 044.jpg]

[Image: 046.jpg]

[Image: 049.jpg]

[Image: 050.jpg]

[Image: 051.jpg]

[Image: 042.jpg]
I bought a new hood for the project.
[Image: 048.jpg]
I installed the Comp Cams hydraulic roller and double roller timing set. The cam is a custom ground HR that specs: 275/281 advertised , 224/230 @ .050, 569/578 lift with 1.73 rockers, and lobe separation of 110. I have recently acquired a set of D0AE-N quench heads. The static compression should be around 9.7:1 after I unshroud the valves.
[url=https://ibb.co/tJjKrmK][Image: 058.jpg][/url
How bad would it kill the power if I left the exhaust manifolds and married them to a Pypes mandrel bent 2.5" exhaust? I know it will make a lot more power with headers. I am planning an AOD install so it will be shorties or manifolds. I am thinking manifolds first and then later install some Sandersons.
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