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Just wondering what kind of response you get to your cars?
I bought my little old H-code a just over a year ago and had it for a week before it went in for some body restoration that was completed about 10 days ago. So for the past year all I've been reading and hearing is how unpopular 71 to 73 stangs are and especially H-codes. Reading and hearing all the negativity about these cars was making me wonder if I was putting time and money into a car that nobody really likes except those that own them, and the fact that mine is only a modded H-code with a shinny hood would make it even worse lol. Needless to say I was anxious to see how well it would be accepted among the general public. Well after taking it straight over for a front end alignment I went for gas. The response was overwhelmingly positive with people blowing their horns, yelling "nice car", giving thumbs up etc. Since then I've entered it into one parade and two car shows getting the same response. I could be wrong, but my impression is that although they might not be as popular as 69-70's, they are a lot more popular after all these years than a lot of people give them credit for. I was just wondering if any, or many of you have been experiencing the same reaction from people as you're cruising the countryside. For those of you who are starting, or are in the middle of your restoration, I think you will be very pleased with the positive reaction you get from people when it's completed.

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Absolutely, MrBill! I tell everyone that my car is rated in SMILES per hour! Everywhere I go I get thumbs up and great comments! At the least, it turns heads ! I think it is because of the fact that it is different than the older era Stangs. The 71-73 design just commands attention. There is no doubt that all the work we are doing is well worth the end result!

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i personally like all cars from the 50's 60's and 70's. i had a 69 mercury marauder x-100 which was an outcast among outcasts in the car magazines etc. yet anywhere i took it it got more attention the my 67 chevelle i had at the time. honestly i dont concern myself with peoples opinion. i would cruise up to a car show in a volare wagon if i truly loved the car.
Over the last eight years I haven't gotten one negative comment at all. Overwhelmingly positive response wherever I go.

[Image: 25rnz1y.jpg]

Allways positive.And a few slaps on the back of my head from my wife.

[Image: 20r9ylt.jpg]
I also only get positive feedback. The places where you get bad opinions are usually on other mustang forums. It wasn't all the members but some of them just couldn't keep them to themselves. That is the main reason that this is the one and only forum I go to now. {Until I get a mopar as a second car hahahaTongue} But in the street while I am driving or at car shows and cruise nights I get great feedback. The also sold less of them so people don't see them as often. I guess one reason is that the mustang was a smaller car when it came out. So the die hard fans of the first mustangs think it's to big to be a mustang. But you look at the Chevels , Challengers , road runners or Javelins the where all the same size or close to our mustang so a lot of Chevy or Mopar people actually think the 71/73 is the nicest Mustang.


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oohh yes...no matter were i go...were i park it...it gets attention..more than most!! get girls scream at it!!..guys say nice car!!...i remmeber how good it made me feel when i pulled up into are local gas station..and right there was sitting 2 brand new bentleys..decked out..proably over 200,000 dollars in cars sitting there next too the old mustang i got from my dad for 1,500 bucks...lol...2 richy look folks out there washing there windows and checking out there cars..i got out..i could see them look away from my bright red machine and kinda stick there nose up at it...and when i get back out of the store....there is a small group of people around my car..and no one even looking at the bentleys or asking them...but i got asked a bunch while filling up my car...including the normal everyday question i get while driving it around..is it for sale? nope...lol..and they allways ask what year? and when i tell them..there in shock...the bad rap they got still sticks too this day till you see the car in person.lol.

one time pulling up at the gas station...some asian looking man..started walking around my car...he was wearing all black and had gold chains...he says..can i please get a pic of me standing next too your car? and i said sure thing... i took his camera and snapped a picture of him next too my car...and he bowed..and said..thank you very much !! this car in japan very expencive!! i chuckled and said...thank you sir and have a great day....soo good too see some one who isnt bias cause its a 1973 stang..lol

but they will have there day....i had too argu with the editor of mustang monthly...cause he put out a issue saying are years of mustangs weight in at 4,000 pounds curb weight!! and said no preformace...i emailed him...im like huh? acording too ford..and most old car books..curb on a 71-73 3100 too 3200 pounds and in the quarter mile the boss 351 run a faster quarter mile than the 429 with less horse power ...how could it do this if it weight in at 4,000 pounds ? and was lacking preformance?...and he emailed me back and says.{was a bit suprized}.well we pulled the car across the scales before the race with are driver in it..and it was allmost 3700 pounds....im like huh? thats still waaaaaaaaaaaay less than 4,000...plus...the driver in the pic looked rather heavy...take account for the fuel weight and oil....and then we will get down too the curb weight...he emailed me back..and said..well...think i was a bit off on my weight...but there still heavy...{shakes his head} we just cant win when they write bad press about are years in mustang mags..lol
At gas stations I almost always get a positive comment or two.
At the parts stores it is not unusual for someone to comment.
I get a lot of folks who guess the wrong year. Usually they think it is a 70.

I have lots of stories. The mustang get together at the local Sonic. I pulled up and 4 teenaged girls ran over and said "I WANT YOUR CAR". I get a lot of "That sounds good" or "That can't be stock".

Lots of comments at stop lights (it's a convertible and I almost always have the top down).

Wife drove it in a Veterns day parade once. That was fun. Lots of people waving and pointing. They had a different car for each Service and the Mustang was 'The missing man Mustang'. Kinda cool. When she pulled up in front of the Parade announcer he asked the crowd for a moment of silence so it got real quiet, except for the Mustang with it's headers, glass packs and slightly lopey cam.

I get thumbs up on the freeways. People waving. Anyone with an old car is usually good for a thumbs up or wave back.

I think these are old enough now that people who like old cars appreciate them (just like most of us like other old cars) and younger folks just think they are cool because they are old and really good looking. They don't know about the 'big' mustang thing.

73 Convertible - 351C/4V CC heads/4bolt/forged flat tops/comp 270/rhodes/mallory unilite/tri-power/hookers/glasspacks/c6/3.50 limited slip/Gear Vendors/Global West sub frames, strut rods and shelby style traction bars/ Rear sway bar/tilt steering (not original)

Pics of modifications included in:
I mentioned in an earlier post that on one of my very first drives a young bloke on the sidewalk bent down on one knee and gave the car three exaggerated "we are not worthy" bows. (this is Australia, so not a very common car here). Everywhere I go I get positive comments, and kids invariably asking me to do burnouts.

The only people who are not partial to our cars seem to be the owners of the earlier models; and in fact twenty years ago when I owned a 1970 Mach 1 I didn't think much of the 71-73 models at all back then because of my bias. After I sold that car the intervening years changed my attitude and now i think these are the toughest and slipperiest Mustangs of the lot! Lower, wider and longer than the previous models, what's not to like about that!

People still that complain that the power to weight ratio on these cars is their downfall have their mindset stuck in the factory specs of the 1970's. A few mods on the engine and you've left the factory specs far behind, so no argument there that I can see.

One thing I think though is that these cars don't photograph as well as the earlier models because the lack of defining lines on the design makes them look a little bulky in pictures. When you are standing next to one though the body contours on these things are pretty incredible and sexy.

[Image: stangprofile3.jpg]
71-73s have become quite rare. The books and mags in the 1980s and 90s talked so badly
of these that nobody restored them. Now you goto Mustang club shows and they stand out
next to the seemingly endless (and imho boring) line of 65-68s.

The funny thing is the new 2011 Mustangs are heavier and definatly taller than a 71-73. The 65-66s even look smaller than a new Corrola. It seems most new cars have gotten bigger. Maybe thats why our cars look so much better now.

The best thumbs-up was from the sunroof of a yellow Ferrari who slowed down to check out the Mach,,,, then
resumed that 12 cylinder music, blasting back upto 80+mph.

1971 Mach1
C6 is history-->>now TKO-500
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