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It's days like these when you shoulda stayed on the couch....
..... and watch TV.
You may remember that I tried to black out the center of the hood on my vert. Because it was supposed to be a test only I did it in Plasti Dip so I could remove it.
So today I chose to remove it and some baaaad mojo happened.
Although the Plasti Dip was easy to remove and actually left no trace I forgot that there was a small chip in the clear coat where a bolt of the scoop had been slightly over tightened.
Now I'm left with this mess.
I wish I could kick somebody for it but I guess it was my own fault forgetting about that blister in the finish.

[Image: 1z21rv4.png]


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I shed a tear for you. That's terrible.

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Ouch!!! Sorry to see that Sad

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well that is interesting, the clear didn't bond at all. might be a silver lining because over time the engine heat through the hood would of popped more of the clearcoat off the paint.
also over time when it got wet dirt would of gotten underneath the clear and would of drove you nuts.
That sucks lux...I defenatly feel you're pain.... I woke up one morning after a wind storm with a camper from a truck blown on top of my mustangSad She still has a few scars after that one....But i guess it is better than loosing my whole car...lol
Dang. Sorry that happened to you.

If you stay on this site long enough, you will learn from the mistakes and missteps of others.
But if no one ever tried to do anything, nothing would happen and no learning could take place.
-And many of the attempts have been very successful. If not for that blister - yours could have worked.

Hang in there and thanks for sharing.


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Man, that sucks. May as well black out the hood for real this time.
CZ-75;121256 Wrote:Man, that sucks. May as well black out the hood for real this time.

That's what I was thinking; back to the Plasti Dip or time for a NASA hood.

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upload a photo on internet

The paint failure wasn't a result of what you did. There was something done wrong in the paint process or the clear would have been bonded to the color coat. While your test may have accelerated the paint failure it was going to happen. I'd be calling the painter and having a talk as even a new hood with fresh paint is not going to help with the rest of the car that is potentially going to have the clear coat separate. It might have been the paint too, so I'd start off being nice.

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Ooooooooooo daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! That sucks, Mike. Now I wish I told you that I liked it! Big Grin


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