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It cranks!!!!!!! But......
Started up after a few primes of the carb with some gas. Runs pretty smooth too with zero smoke that I can see.

Two issues I need help with:

One is a minor one. The bolt that snapped on the water pump. I tapped it but was afraid to keep drilling for fear of going to far. Added three extra washers to the bolt and tightened down good but I have a water leak there.

Two is more major. After running for about 15 seconds I guess the bowl fills up and gas starts pouring out of what appear to be overflow tubes on top of the carb. Dad and I took it apart and the float seems to be moving well. Cleaned out the little valve thing but still pumps gas out the top. Is there a kit just to rebuild the float part of the carb?

Oh did I tell you it cranked! With no exhaust it sounds bad ass!!! LMAO

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Congratulations, Cole! Gotta post a vid now, you know. Smile

I'm sure someone will be along shortly with some help for your issues. Good job, sir!


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congrats! mine didnt have exuast when i fired it up first too, my wife had her grandmother over and she though it was a thunderstorm outside Smile

good luck with your issues i havent experienced those before. Sad
You can buy just the float if you want. Does it have the brass, or black composite float? you can check both by letting them dry just on the outside and with the brass one you can check for fuel inside by rolling it around and looking for fuel coming out. and you can take a blunt object and press on the composite one and look for fuel. if you see fuel they are no good
What kind of carb? If it's a 'stock' carb (2100, 4150, etc.), you can pick up a carb rebuild kit from a local parts house for around $25 - it'll have the float, accelerator pump, needle valve assembly, etc. included. If you have it that far apart, might as well just rebuild the whole thing. MC-2100 (and its relatives) are just about the easiest carbs in the world to rebuild. I would think an Autolite 4150 would be no problem either.

If it's an aftermarket carb (Edelbrock, Holley, et al), you'll be paying more for the rebuild kits, and might even have to buy specific parts separately (float/valve assy, accelerator pump, et al) - I've never bought an aftermarket carb rebuild kit - so I don't know how inclusive their kits are.

Whatever direction you go, make sure to set the float using the instructions and metering scale they include in the kit. Setting the float in there with just the top surface 'level' with the top of the bowl is tempting... but is often not quite correct.


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Yep when I first started cranking my car the carb was pouring fuel out and all kinds of mess. I think it was a holley I just tossed it and bit the bullet drove down to the parts store and bought a off the shelf unit. I really didn't want to mess with a who knows what jerry rigged carb and the cost of the rebuild kit was half of what the new one cost, then factor in doing it right or wrong and always having a "what if" on my mind i felt safer to buy new. A few adjustments and it runs like a dream.

If it was the original 2bbl i would have felt better rebuilding it. I don't think its too difficult though.
Sweet! That is really good news.

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Its the 2 barrel. I got a black float and a rebuild kit for 20 bucks. Gonna just fix the float and valve issue. Probably tackle it sunday. Thanks all for the kind words. It was like a validation of all the work I've done with brakes and fuel. As Ronald McDonald would say, I'm loving it.

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"I prayed to God he would change Johnny but his plan was to change me"

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Congratulations! Its the best feeling in the world the first time you fire up a car after working on it (I even get that way after a simple oil change) I rebuilt my 2100 a few weeks ago, super simple, just take the time to adjust your float!

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