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It´s official: I´m getting old.
Ok, I´ve had glasses since I was 18 because I was myopic (short-sighted). Lately I´ve noticed that my arms seem to be getting too short to read anything.
Turns out now I need reading glasses too! Great. What´s next? Felt slippers? Plaids for watching TV? Should I start stacking adhesive cream? When will nose hair trimmers be on sale?

I´m too young to get old!!! Angry

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"If I were you...... I´d rather be me."  Tongue

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Right there with ya.

Recently turned 50, and have just got to the point where I need reading glasses.
That's not bad, I went ahead and got hearing aids in January!

Mike AKA Ole Pony & Rare Pony

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upload a photo on internet

... I'm 24...

*Runs and hides*

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Welcome to my world.....

- Travis

I'm an analog man in a digital world.
OLE PONY;172957 Wrote:That's not bad, I went ahead and got hearing aids in January!

I'm trying to get the VA to pay for mine, waiting to hear back. Hearing test shows I need them, agreed with what my wife's been telling me Confused

50 years old??? That makes you a youngsterTongue

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
Mike, we are the same age. I can still read at a normal distance but my low light reading abilities are shot. i used to be able to see (and read even) in dim light. Now I need good lighting conditions to read.

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I remember getting glasses when I was 9. Time sure passes quickly. OK, who's the oldest here? I think we need a really cool senior citizen icon here Smile

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luxstang;172951 Wrote:What´s next?

Solar lentigines...
[Image: sn22_solarlentigo.jpg]

followed by Solar elastosis...
[Image: mcdc22_elastosis.jpg]

Now I'm depressed. Sad
Oddly enough, I was prescribed glasses for near-sightedness when I was 10 "for reading and watching TV." Well, when I wore them I noticed I couldn't see sh!t long distance for about an hour after reading or watching TV and wearing the glasses - so I just kept wearing them all the time. When I hit high school, I'd had enough of the glasses (too cool for them, I guess), and surprisingly, my eyes actually got better.

My eyes are kind of weird. Some days, I'm 20/20-ish... and others I'm 20/30, to 20/40 - depending on how much rest I get. I'm also slightly red-green color blind, which might explain why a good set of polarized sun-glasses seems to improve my vision as well.

"Age" for me comes in the form of achy joints and blown-out knees.


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