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ISO of a few things
Im looking for a hood and hinges. currently i have a double sided fiberglass hood that is held in by 4 hood pins. If i anyone is willing to trade my hood for your hood and hinges and are close ish to me id be glad to. im also looking for a set of rims too i have cragar rims i think im not really sure but they are 14in and would like to upsize to bigger rims. And lastly i do have a question i have a grille in it now the regular grille without the sports lamps. do i need to remove the fender extenders to get it out? all help is greatly appreciated.
Nothing on the hood here but I may be of help with your grille question.
When I swapped mine, I did not need to remove the fender extensions. Once you have removed all the screws from the grill you can move it to one side and pull it out from the other side. Let's say you push it to the left, you can pull it out from behind the right extension.
Of course, given the inaccuracy with which our cars were built, it may be possible that it will not work on every car but it did on mine. Smile

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It's been a few years but as I remember it the grill was installed before the bumper and lower valence so I was able to remove the grill only after removing them but like I said it's been a few years and a lot of beers since then. sorry I'm not more help. beer

I have a spare set of hinges but sorry no hoods, they're just so frigging big I wouldn't have room to store it.

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