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Is this legal?
All you need to do, I guess, is steal a 64 chevelle and it's yours for $250.00.

Yeah that's pretty sketchy.

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I thought most of us had a 64 Chevelle sitting in the back yard needing a clear title and dashpad VIN plate. Right??


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I will have by the end of the week! rofl
You should see the rants that this sort of stuff start on the Mopar forums. Makes the Ford and GM VIN fraud seem tame. Certainly by '71-73 standards.


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This stuff is always good for an argument. Here in Aus guys will keep tags in safes or banks because of theft of plates for high dollar cars. Illegal practice anyway by removing the tags. I suppose it comes down to what you believe makes a car. Some guys will happily graft a fire wall into a lesser car transfer all the driveline and unique parts and call it a gtho or GTs etc because the original body was rotted beyond repair others do it because it turns a $5000 dollar car into a $200.000.00 dollar car. Yet other will make a huge effort to work with what they have and retain as much of the original as possible. I feel tags on their own just encourage dishonesty imagine if they where tags for a Hemi Charger or LS6 Chevelle or Boss 9 who else but the shady type would want them if you didn't own the exact car the came off.

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I've always heard of it as illegal. I've run across guys quite willing to offer a great standard body accompanied by the rusted unique car. Suggesting of course the conversion. I simply ask them to go ahead and transfer it over for me because I don't have the tools..... that usually ends up in them not wanting to do business with me.Confused

case in point I've been in this community for near 7 years. One of the FIRST places people with too much money (check book restorer's) sent me was a place called Sisney's garage....


Now I had visited this place because of an El Camino I saw there. His dialog alone almost made me laugh but then again I played the (check book restoration guy role) and boy to hear him that piece of crap was worth 6000.00

One of the guys in my cruiser club had a video of the owner getting arrested a few months ago. He had switched the tag and sold a Camaro as an x code. Well the buyer was prompted by someone to check the numbers once he received delivery. Sure enough...he makes multiple attempts and the great business guy claims innocence and will not give his 75,000 back. Well the buyer by passes the LAWYER route and incorporates the AUTHORITIES. My friend had it all on video.... awesome. note down in the comments "Blast from the Past" ...that's our friend from the club.

Now here's the sad part of the story. I was not warned by my club members.... nobody wanted say negative things to prevent from hurting peoples feelings. I discovered it on my own and it took a personal loss from another member to get the conversation going. There was another one that I laughed about. "Doctor Larry" Automotive!! He has all the trimmings of a classic car shop. Had the look, some cool cars staged around the facility really cool collectables inside. Had the talk track down! Even throws in "club member" to me. Another ... BEST Automotive...cool look ... collection of classics another rip off artist

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LOL even my sig line offended somebody!
It's entirely legal until it is caught by the authorities.

Let me check your shorts!

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midlife;198572 Wrote:It's entirely legal until it is caught by the authorities.

Haa Like my ex-wife..."it's not a lie if you believe it"

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LOL even my sig line offended somebody!
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