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Is anyone going to the Mustang Owner's Museum?
Are any members going to the Mustang Owner's Museum this week? Check in at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Concord, N.C. is on April 12. Below is post they sent me. I will be there from 12th. check out on the 15 th.. Since my brake booster is out going to dolly the 73 Mustang vert down and will not run in the track day at the Charlotte Speedway. You need to google for all info.
Car show at the Museum site, not finished yet, Banquet, track day, tour of Petty Racing.
Daniel Carpenter has a Mustang collection of his own.
BTW I found out who the supplier of the big running horse is in the picture. $100 plus shipping I think from Ohio have to pull his card.
There is a pretty great Mustang club in Charlotte I am sure they will be there in force. I think a few are coming from my group Blue Ridge Mustang Club of America.
Let me know if coming so we can meet up.
[Image: DSC00043.jpg]

[Image: DSC00045.jpg]

[Image: DSC00046.jpg]

2018 National Mustang Day
[Image: dc7c7bd5-b89a-42cd-8a7b-3ed6c0aaa778.jpg]

[Image: d0cc383c-7414-4275-8a64-e4aa28f2f9b4.jpg]

In a few days, the Mustang World will celebrate National Mustang Day
with cruises and car shows being the most popular activities.

At the "Preview" Museum, our 2018 National Mustang Day
Event starts on Friday, offering open track, parade laps
at Charlotte Motor Speedway, celebrity guest speakers, on Sunday a
cruise & BBQ lunch at Petty's Garage.

 Be sure to email us your photos/videos of your National Mustang Day

How's the big Museum coming along?

The initial response from guests coming to the Preview Mustang Museum
has been extremely positive, the most asked question is
"How is the big museum coming along?"

[Image: c0125ee7-69f2-4a8b-bf5e-116bcc90ca3c.jpg]
The Mustang Owners Museum will soon start to grow upward. The week
of April 16th the steel beams/columns will arrive and will
soon be put in place.  

The walls shown above, next to the MOM sign, are examples of
what the precast walls will look like when the Museum is completed.

Arriving this week at the Preview Museum, a model of the
Mustang Owner's Museum will be on display. 

So, our answer to the "How's the Museum coming along?"
 It is coming along great and in the next couple of months the
building process will give the Museum shape and form.

Thank you to the Mustang World!

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
How was the event?

71 Mach 1 J code - Japanese export
72 Convertible f code - first car
Numerous other Fords
Ok guys and gals you missed a huge opportunity to learn about Ford and Mustang.
As with most shows today most are the new Mustangs. I was the only 71 - 73 Mustang in attendance.
Thursday nothing went on you could go to the track and get your car through tech inspection for the Track Day on Friday. They ran the Roval, first and second turn of the oval down the back stretch, 3rd. and 4th. turn then down like going to pits and into the infield to run the road coarse. You were limited to speeds depending on the equipment you had in your car. Some had no limits. It was an open track day on Friday starting at 7:00 AM and I think ran until 5:00. Groups of similar cars went out and was any brand was an open track day for all.
I went to Carpenters where the Museum is under construction and spent time in the private museum of Dennis Carpenter and also looked at cars that showed up. At noon on Friday they wanted to do a parade lap at the track for all the Ford products that had shown up so I went down.
I took my 73 Mustang Vert that I have only gotten 30 miles of shake down on since I took it all apart and put back together. It has a 351 C with the Edelbrock 4-V to 2-V heads with a 650 Holley. This car has sat the last 25 years. The brake booster had a leak and could not locate one in the few days I had before the event. You can drive a car with the booster not working just hard brakes. It also make the engine idle badly due to the vacuum leak.
The actually let us do 5 or 6 laps and I would drop back from the Shelby front of me and then get on the car. It actually handled extremely good with no body twist and the shocks and springs kept it pretty level in the turns. It did get almost to the H on the temp gauge. I have spent no time with setting timing or anything on this car. Got it going set timing by ear and just went, lol.
So Saturday they had a mini car show next to the Mustang Owners Museum site maybe 50 cars. There was a father and son that drove from California on drove a 1965 Mustang 2+2 Fastback and his dad drove a new Shelby GT-500. The Shelby started loosing a clutch in Las Vegas and he called and had new clutch sent to Charlotte and changed it there. The 65 ran on the track it was a 4 speed.
There were some older Shelby GT-350's and one 67 GT-500 original car for sale. Did not ask price.
Now comes the good part that all of you really missed out on. There were several guest speakers as follows.
Matt Crump from Petty Garage. His presentation was boring and of not much interest, just trying to make money.
Lee Holman, son of one of the founders of Holman & Moody. He was a wealth of info and you could ask any question you liked. Got his autograph on a Holman & Moody tag to put in the garage.
The info he gave was so shocking as I had never heard it. I understand that he will be doing a video for the museum to play. His dad really started back in the 50 building Fords for racing. Really grew in 1957 and when the Falcon came out the started playing with it and built several performance models using the 221 and 260 V-8 from the early 60's. They were raced internationally and did quite well. There was not really any racing in the U.S. for them to participate in. In I believe 1964 H&M built a Fairlane that ran and won quite a lot overseas. I think it even won at LaMans. If I had know he was going to do the presentation I would have taken video camera.
Now come the shocker. Ford had Holman & Moody send Falcons and Fairlanes to Carol Shelby because he was not having any luck with his diving into racing. The first Shelby Mustangs had all the suspension modifications that Holman & Moody had done to the Falcons and Fairlanes. Shelby did not come up with any of the mods. We were all fed a big pile of S&*% over the years about Carol Shelby. He was just a marketing man had no brains when it came to racing or building a car. Another thing I did not know about Shelby. His operation was 100% owned by Ford only his name was there. In 1967 Ford got fed up with Shelby and sent Holman & Moody to his facility or actually Ford's facility and cleaned it out. Lee Holman said he has Carol's trash can from his office in his. They took everything, equipment, tooling, cars etc.. More to come on the Shelby cover up later.
Lee had so many great stories about when he was just a teenager in 1964 his Dad gave him a new Mustang serial # 33 to drive to school and did it a day before the official release. He said he got stopped over 20 times going from the shop to home because all the cops wanted to look at the car.
I ask him is they built the Indianapolis pace car and he said yes they did the one used to pace the race and the others were pretty much stock.
Of course Holman & Moody did the GT-40 cars for LaMans that won. He said his dad had the unused bodies stacked outside like wood and got tired of seeing them and sold them for $1,000 each to get rid of them. He also sold the NOS side oiler 427 blocks for $300 to get rid of them. I think he said there was 15 complete cars that he wanted $50,000 for and sold them. Lee said he tried to get a loan to buy them but bank said his dad had to cosign and he would not. BTW Lee will build you a GT-40 continuation if you want one.
In the past few years a German man came to Lee and ask if he could build a spec. 64 Fairlane like they did for the racers back then. He did and the new owner went vintage racing in Europe. He beat 911 and I believe 933 Porches with the car. It has 427 2 4-V. In one race he lapped the entire field two laps. He was banned from running after that none of the car couple compete.
I wish I had take notes but had not paper or pen with me.
Some of the guys that know Lee Moody said he had a blast as a kid. His dad had him take the LaMans GT-40's out and bed in the brakes before the race so he did all of the cars. Just a teenager and out doing laps at LaMans in a GT-40.
The next speaker was Art Hyde & John Clor. I believe both were at Ford for the SVT group. Did the Lighting and Cobra to get Ford going back into the performance area. Some of the info was of interest but nothing like Lee.
So went back to hotel took shower and went back for the Banquet and the very special speaker Gale Halderman. Now I bet most in the Forum members do not know that name but you should. He was the head of Ford Design team in the beginning of the Mustang concept. He is the man that sat at his kitchen table and did I think 4 concepts for the new 1965 Mustang. Lee Iaccoca of course was his boss. He said if Iaccoca did not like you there was no way you were going to work at Ford. So three of his initial concepts had the recess in the side of the Mustang and one did not. There was another design team that also did concepts. One of theirs was picked and one of Gale's. Gale did the clay model with his concept on the left side and the other team on the other side. When review by Iaccoca and Henry Ford his proposal won out. They had to use the Falcon platform because Ford had spent a ton of money coming out will all new models for 1965.
Now to back up a bit. Gale said when he first started before college he want to do sign and building lettering. He went to college and to Graphic Arts and was in same class as the designer of the XXXXX.
He eventually graduated and ended up going to Ford and worked on the 1957 Ford design team. He worked on trucks also and said he really enjoyed that.
When asked about how the 2+2 or Fastback came about he laughed. Ford had approved the funds for a convertible and hardtop Mustang which BTW was called the Cougar right up until the last minute and the change was made. The design team went out on their own and made the clay mode of the Fastback without permission from Ford or Iaccoca. When it was finished. Gale said he had it put in the display where they were viewed and had Lee come out to look at it. He said he pulled the cloth off and the red 2+2 clay model was there. Lee make about two laps around it and turned to Gale and said " We Have To Do It". So the fastback was added to the lineup.
When they needed the 1965 Mustang convertible for the Indy pace car Gale did the lettering on the drivers side by hand and then he said a team from 3-M came in and copied it and made the opposite side and the decals for the other cars.
Of course Gale had his hands in the Mustang for many years and still goes back to Ford once a year to view what is in the making and is ask for his opinion.
Now for another shocker. When ask about what Shelby did for his designs. Gale said Shelby never designed anything on the Mustang Shelby or stock Mustangs. Gale said they would do the concepts, make the models and Carol Shelby would fly in with his Girl Friend and walk around the model and just say OK and never changed anything. Boy have we been led down a path of what Carol Shelby did. He was just a good talker and marketing man that could get the backing but he made lots of money.
Gale has his own museum I do not know what all he has in it but it is located in Tipp City, Ohio.
I talked with him after the event and going to send him the glove box doors off a couple of my cars to get his autograph on. I did get all of their autographs on a nice new Mustang poster but the darn thing got wet coming home today from the show in horrible down pour. It was in the trunk of the 73 and it leaked around the trunk lid seal. I also got him to sign a copy of my window sticker from my 73 Mach 1 with the 32 options.
So the show or meet was great in my option to have first hand information coming right from the source and not second hand. I heard it all right from the people that lived it and did it.
There will be a grand opening of the MOM Mustang Owner's Museum April next year at this same time so make plans to attend. I will put together a video slide show of the pictures I have just have to find my cable to download them to computer chip will not fit the reader.
I did have several people want to buy the 73 vert since it is so original and totally rust free.
Also if you are ever in Charlotte go by Carpenters place. His museum is free to view of his personal cars. Dennis has from the 20's up into the 60's and Daniel said he ran ads in Hemmings looking for low mileage Fox body cars. Had a bunch of Ford dealers get back that had them with some single digit miles. 20th. Ann car like new, sever SVO's and GT cars all with no miles. He has lots of showroom posters and info on display also.
I did tell him that his trim attaching pieces for the 73 grill stainless did not work and he said he would check on it, will see.
So we should play on getting a big group of 71-73 cars together for next year and swamp the show. The track time is a blast and hope I can get my 72 Q ready to take. I intend to put roll bar and harness in so they will not limit speed.
More to come when I get pictures in.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
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Sounds like a great time! I'm planning on heading down for the grand opening! My local club does an annual cruise to Gale's house and he hosts a BBQ. It's apparently pretty fascinating !

71 Mach 1 J code - Japanese export
72 Convertible f code - first car
Numerous other Fords
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