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Intermittent Wipers
Last night I watched the movie "Flash of Genius" about the guy who invented intermittent wipers and they showed it being introduced on a 71 or 72 Mustang. There was also a scene with a couple of Mach 1s driving in the rain with intermittent wipers. I was wondering how many of you have this feature on your cars. It is on mine and I ordered the car new, but did not order the intermittent wipers. I did however order the rear defroster. I wonder if they included it with the rear defrost. My car was ordered in May of 72 and I took delivery in July. It was probably one of the last 72s built with the R code engine. There is nothing about intermittent wipers in my owners manual, and I found nothing in my 72 Mustang facts book which lists all options as well as standard features. There is mention in my Ford shop manuals.
Per my reference material, the Intermittent Wipers were available as an option starting in 1971. There does not appear to be a connection between the rear defroster and the wipers, although in 1971, only the V8s allegedly received the defroster as an option.

I do have the Intermittent Wipers on my '73 (Q Code) Mach I and do not have the rear defroster.

Hope this helps.

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