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Interior Refresh
Finally started my interior refresh. I've pulled out the seats, interior trim, carpet and started on the dash. As advised in the "dreaded heater core" thread, I'll be pulling out most of the dash. I'm going to replace lots of interior parts, steering wheel, heater core, carpet, dash bulbs with LED bulbs, headlight dimmer switch/grommet, sill plates and most of the interior fasteners. As you can see from the pixs, looks like I have some minor rust issues. The rust is mostly surface rust and it looks like the PO did some crazy looking "repairs" on the floor pans. I'm looking opinions on 3 issues:

1) How should I address the rust issues?
2) Are there any other issues I should address in the interior while I have everything ripped out?
3) Do I need additional sound deadener with the mass back carpet?

Starting point pix:
Tags found under the front seats:
One says D2ZB6563100AC
VMGR 2-7-73
231 000 3AA
The other says D2ZB6563100AC
VMGR 6-13-73
231 OOO 3AA
Original Color:
Rear Seat tag says VD3ZB-6566700-AA

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[Image: 1_24_09_13_4_29_06.png]
Rust? That's not rust. That's character. Sand it down, if you have pinholes you can patch them, if it's just pitted throw some rust bullet on it and you'll be GTG.


[Image: 25yvyp3.jpg]
+1 looks solid, wipe the rust away with a mild muratic acid solution or whatever is the thing now, baking soda wash after, (it works awesome for cleaning surface rust) fix as needed.

[Image: 2w6ugt2.png]
Brad Smith
Small pinholes: clean everything down to bare metal, treat with above mentioned product / or whatever will seal the metal. Tape underside of the floor pan panel with GOOD Quality 3-M green tape (make sure it is bonded nice and tight). Lay a thin layer of fiberglass mat and apply a thin layer of epoxy to the top side of the floor pan. Lightly sand and paint. Once the fiberglass has cured, remove the tape from the underside. Sand and paint underside.

Note: this is a budget minded short cut for medium term solution in lieu of floor panel replacement. Once you clean everything to bare metal, you'll see what you have to work with.

From the pics, you may have more than you think. That looks like some pretty heavy material painted on the floor.
sm3570;109126 Wrote:Rust? That's not rust. That's character. Sand it down, if you have pinholes you can patch them, if it's just pitted throw some rust bullet on it and you'll be GTG.


You are correct, Sir... "That's not rust. That's character." LMAO!! Well done. thumb

Nah, man! That looks like a GREAT place to start. Good luck! Big Grin


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
Eric, if ANYONE on this site is expert at identifying rust, it's you.


[Image: 25yvyp3.jpg]
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