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Interior Quarter Panels
Hi Guys, what are some people using for painting interior plastic pieces? I think it needs to be a semi gloss. My quarter panels were cut (by me, nonetheless 30 years ago) to accept 6 X 9 speakers. I wish,wish,wish someone would reproduce some really nice panels, not that flimsy crap that's available. Thanks to you all!

71-73 Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
I used all SEM interior paint on my conversion from avavcato to white. I bought the quart size from a paint supplier and sprayed it with a detail spray gun. On the black trim items and dash I used SEM trim black which worked very well also.
Thanks, Jay
I get my interior SEM paint from NPD. They are close by is reason. The black for dash has metallic in it and has been the same since 1964. There are several different shades of color used like in a Ginger or Green interior. The white is too white I think more of an off white.
Those panels are tough to repo. Will be talking with Daniel Carpenter on the subject soon for A pillars and Interior quarters.

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I would be interested in new inner quarters as well, and I'm sure most of the guys on here
would prefer a fresh set. "Build it and they will come".
They'd be selling them like hot cakes LOL! I just bought 2 interior panels off of epay, they came from a 71 Cougar Convertible and they have one ash tray on each side. They are a little faded but no cut holes or cracks. Now I don't know of a place to put my 6X9 speakers maybe I can hide them somewhere.

71-73 Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
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