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Interior panel paint
OK, I want to paint my interior quarter panels, they are black. Anybody have any paint recommendations for these panels??
Krylon Semi-Flat 1613 industrial paint is the correct finish and color. It is getting harder to find. Google itand you should find some retailers still selling it.

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Hi Omie,

I can give some good advice to help you here, but first, i need to know about what you have got there already. For example - are the panels original? what condition are they in? are they black already? Why the need to repaint them?

There are two basic approaches you can take to refinish the panels. Spray with pressure pak spray cans, or shoot with a spray gun. There are also a variety of paints to choose from to do the job.

Let me know with some details as above, and i can give further detailed advice if you want.



Regardless of whether you paint with a gun or rattle can the most important thing is how clean you can get them. Wash with hot soapy water using Dawn dish washing liquid. DO NOT USE RAGES FROM HOME WHEN CLEANING. Things like fabric softeners will give you fits with fish eyes.
The panels at some time in their life probably had some ArmorAll on them and that sucks for sure. Fish eyes caused by silicone are very difficult to get stopped. Under arm antiperspirant falling from your shirt sleeves can cause fish eyes. After soapy water I use alcohol then lacquer thinner then soapy water again then wipe with prep solve and tack rag before spraying.
If you can clean the panels and get them to look good I would not paint them. If they have been painted you need to strip the old paint off so you don't fill up the texture.
When you start to spray put very light mist coats on and let flash this will also help with fish eyes. The last coat needs to be a wet coat and sometimes difficult to do with a rattle can that is when a gun pays off.
I have actually taken the paint from cans and put in gun to get the volume needed. Not much paint in one of those cans once you bleed off the propellant.
I myself have never seen a paint or dye that looks like original molded in color panels. Either too flat or too shiny. I have tried many different types and nothing beats original.
My thoughts,

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SEM makes excellent interior paint with colors that actually match. If you use their prep products you'll have very little issue. Spend some time on their website. Black is probably the easiest color to match, so you are ahead of the game.

I ordered some seymour paint from npd, and the only prep stuff I could find was from duplicolor. I will make sure to clean them VERY good, as I have had bad experiences in the past and have learned my lesson. I have never used spray guns mostly rattle can work. unfortunately its my only option. Thanks for all the tips guys. They are original panels, and were originally black. I'm not going to do them right away so any more advise is welcome. PS, I am going to test on the back of the panels first.
I would agree with the advice on proper cleaning. I also washed it down several times with hot soapy water. Another suggestion if you have any area that have scratches or gauges in them. If you have any loose or raised plastic areas cautious use of a heat gun and a popsickle stick can help move some of the plastic around for you. I had a couple areas that had some rub marks from the fold down back seat. I used this process to remove some of the loose plastic from the rubbing area. It worked well. I would also suggest an adhesion promotor coat. Krylon also sells an adhesion promotor. Test out the NPD paint for color match before starting out. Paint the backside area of a panel first. I have not had much luck with the NPD paint products either being a good match to the original or the valves on the cans often clog even after inverting to clean out.

72 Mach 1 H-Code (Concourse driven restoration)
67 S-Code Factory GT with 4-Spd

68 Mercury Cyclone (Pro-Street project)
I've used SEM products with great success. Black matched up will redoing my console.
I used SEM products from NPD for my interior restoration, along with a few other things.

Started with cleaner/surface prep - used Simple Green to clean the parts I restored, then followed up by wiping down with House Of Kolor KC20 Post Sanding Cleaner (it's a non-solvent/non-alcohol based cleaner I use for airbrushing). Then, a final wipe with a tack cloth after the KC20 is dry (bees-wax imbibed, found at most parts stores).

Hang the parts to paint - I used a coat hanger through one of the piece's mounting holes hanging from my garage door opener (with a couple of box fans blowing across the painting area to push fumes and overspray out of the garage).

First step, SEM adhesion promoter. Follow directions and have the next step ready to go when the time passes.

Next, SEM texture (if necessary). I had some scratches and minor gouges in my seat backs (for instance) that the spray texture helped "disappear" after I'd scuffed them down to knock off the edges. They're not perfect by any means, but they look a LOT better now. I wasn't interested in filling anything in with other products, because they just weren't THAT bad. The texture also helped renew the metal headliner trim pieces, after using rust removal techniques smoothed out the original factory texture.

Finally, when the texture is ready for it, apply the color - SEM metallic black, in my case. Several light coats is the key, to avoid runs and achieve consistency.

I'm unaware of any need for clear coat or any kind of sealer needed for the SEM colors.

BTW - I know the description on their products say they'll cover so much (i.e., you should only need 2-3 cans for a full interior) - to which I must disagree. To achieve the right consistency between all of the trim pieces for an entire interior (which mine required), I used 6 cans and part of a 7th. Just my experience - hope this helps!


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I used krylon Fusion rattle can with very good results. Satin black. Its made specifically for plastic. Cleaning everything is the major thing as everyone has said.
I did all my interior parts with it and they turned out great.


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