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Interior headliner piece missing?
It looks like I am missing a trim piece for my headliner, where the front windshield and headliner meet...What is the name for this piece so I can search for it? Does anyone have an original for sale? Also, does it take brackets or. ...to hold it in place.


My 72 has a metal trim piece there. Pretty sure it's just called the windshield headliner trim but I can check the manuals and make sure. It's where the sun visors mount.


[Image: 25yvyp3.jpg]
i think they are called headliner trim molding panels.

there are plastic and metal finish pieces that go on top of the headliner and cover the headliner material on the ends. and give things a more finished look.

on the sides of the headliner, there are metal camera case stamped pieces painted the same color as the interior primary color
at the front there is also a metal camera case cover, these metal pieces also join the plastic camera case pieces like the A and B pillar trim together.

these are photos of the pieces



now these pieces are suppose to be different on the coupe and fastback because of the difference in the roof line and front windshield angle.

contact don at OHIO and ask him about it. he might have the pieces you need in the color you want.

the trim pieces also have other parts attached to them
at the front the plastic visor holder is screwed into the metal headliner trim that holds the visors in the center..
on the sides those trim pieces hold the shoulder belt clips that hold the seat belts up on the roofline when folded out of the way.

now you have to be careful installing those pieces they require some short short screws, if you are not careful you could punch a hole through the roof sheet metal when installing the windshield trim piece. also you have to locate the screw holes in the roof sheet metal there is a lip that the screws go into and they get covered when somebody installs new headliner material. you have to use the trim piece to help locate those screw holes and then pray that that lip isn't rusted out so the screws can bit into something. otherwise you have to use some kind of thick glue to hold that piece in place on the headliner with dummy screws filling the voids.
I have several of the trim pieces

You should put your screws into all the holes for the trim, visors, dome light - then install the headliner
You can then feel the screw head thru the headliner, make a little X and remove the screw.
Shoulder belt bolt holes too -
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