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interior advice
I like the modern look of some things and need new interior upholestry. What do you guys think of these? Has anyone used TMI products before, and if so how is the quality. They are quite expensive and I would upgrade the seat foam as required as well. All together I am looking at about $700 for full seat set and foam for the front buckets. I will do the work myself as always. Thanks for the input everyone!!!



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I think you would be better off taking it to a good upholstery shop and getting it done the way you want it. My experience after using after market stuff is that you will not be happy with what you get and will not save money.
simply my experience, you may have a better one.
What does SouthWest mean?

I agree with the interior sharp. I have a guy in Orange County, phenomenol work really inexpensive.

He can do the original or spice it up. It is all up to you.

Good luck and let us know.


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I was on a budget for my interior and I purchased the TMI seats from CJ's and installed them myself. I did not use new seat foam, rather some foam sheets I got from fabric store and lots of batting to fill in the corners. I like my seats and it was way easier than I thought it would be. Like the other guys said it is all about what you want.

I have the Sport Seat foam and custom 2-tone interior from TMI ready and waiting in my garage for my car to return from my builder. Everyone that I have spoken to concerning TMI hold them in high regard, even the local upholstery shop. I opted for the comfortweave inset (white) on mine with the corinthian outer portion (blue).
I am having the local upholstery shop put it together though because I want it to look great. We will see and I will keep everyone updated with pictures.

As a side note, I did recover the seats in a 1967 Camero I owned and they looked great.
Just curious. How does TMI compare to Sparco? I had Sparco seats on my '95 and loved them.

.jpg   machseat tmi.JPG (Size: 150.13 KB / Downloads: 107) I am very pleased with my TMI sport seats.

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hey vamach1, did you do the foam and upholetry install yourself, also do you notice a huge difference with the sport seat foam?? if so, how did it go? wolverine, I am in san diego and would be interested in contact info for your interior guy. thanks for your input guys!

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- Nik
The quality of the TMI stuff I got was great. I didn't use the front seats as I bought new ones, but the back seat was perfect. I bought some sheet foam from an upholstery shop and installed the back myself. Looks great, check pics in my garage. I did buy the front sets too but didn't end up using them decided to go a different direction.

I paid a shop in Northern VA to do the front seats. The original foam was flat as a pancake and the new seats are great and very comfy. I kept the original seats covers as they were in very good condition but I trashed the foam.

Vamach1 - 72 Sprint conv & 72 Mach1
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