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interest in a drum brake tutorial?
I'll be servicing my rear drum brakes in a few weeks as soon as all the parts come in to correct an issue I'm having.

I figured since some of us never worked on drums before i could put a tutorial together on the wiki page and show how to use the tools and where things go.

I know that my first drum brake job was a mystery to me just 5 short years ago, and I'm always learning something new.
Probably one of the best tips is to take a digital camera and take several close-up pictures of the brakes before removing them, especially how the springs are installed! I'm sure your tutorial would be great for some members here.

Mike AKA Ole Pony & Rare Pony

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upload a photo on internet

I would love a tutorial. The first and last time I worked on drum brakes was in 1975 on a '62 Chebby Impala. I could sure use a refresher! Big Grin



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i have to switch out my wheel cylinders since apparently i installed the wrong ones so i will need to take both drums down to the backing plate and i figured while i was in there i would switch out some hardware for new stuff.
I would love that tutorial. Since I have drums all around it will come in handy pretty soon.


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Lay it on us. Can't have too much info.

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I'm in for it! That would be great, thanks!


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Tutorials have never done any harm!
I'd appreciate one....

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"If I were you...... I´d rather be me."  Tongue

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luxstang;24410 Wrote:Tutorials have never done any harm!
I'd appreciate one....

Mike is right Danny... you dont even have to ask! Smile

Some of us are made of wood for mechanical jobs Tongue... we allways needs guide to do everything.. je!

Besides, drums are very very detailed.. if you dont do everything excelent, the drums won't brake how they are supposed to...

Another thing that i have been doing with your always helpful posts is how "original" are my mechanics inside... Being in Uruguay and having an american car is a great combination for finding every "experiment" you can imagine to get things working...

Aftermarket parts for mustangs or any other american car became available here (by importing them) in the year 1998 when a clever guy started to do that business... Before that, any fix was made with similar parts you could find in the uruguayan market... Most of that parts worked so so, but it was what it was you know?...

Anyhow... every step by step tutorial (better if it is with pics) for me and for my car is extremely helpful!!

Thanks! :p

Damián Cool

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I think a tutorial would be great on the subject. Last summer I replaced my corvair's drum brakes for the first time and man was it a pain! After i got the first one, the rest were pretty easy. I think a tutorial would save people alot of time and frustration.
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